Samsung Galaxy S6 cases

Samsung's no stranger to offering a variety of first-party cases for its devices while also partnering with known brands for more "fashionable" choices, and that's the case here with the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Though Samsung hasn't yet listed all of its accessories for sale considering we're a month out from the phone's release, we've had a chance to see and use a few of the initial offerings.

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Of course you'll find a refreshed version of the S View case, which has a rectangular window that gives you a small bit of information when the case is closed. It's now a softer leather material than the old models and has ditched the stitching around the edges (yay!). There's also a full-coverage flip wallet case without the window, which comes in both the softer leather option and a tough textured nylon style. Both flip-style cases come in a variety of colors, ranging from standard blue and white to earthy tan, brown and green.

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There's also a new set of thin hard cases for both devices, which offer basic protection from bumps and scratches without much shock absorption. They also come in a more subdued range of colors, including simple clear and semitransparent black options. For the Galaxy S6 the card cases wrap around the entirety of the back and sides, but the model for the S6 edge simply grabs the four corners of the phone to leave the edges exposed and available for swiping.

One last flip-style case is a hard plastic one that's a similar material to the back-only cases but has a hard flip cover with a chrome or mirror finish and bold colors. While the cover isn't transparent normally, when you close it on the screen it interacts in such a way that you get a basic clock and information from your phone shining through it. It's a neat trick, and a good balance between having a full-coverage flip case and an S View window on the front.

Of course Samsung is also partnering with fashion and lifestyle brands for a handful of cases as well, which were on show (for looks only, unfortunately) here at MWC 2015. Burton, Mont Blanc, Kate Spade and of course Swarovski all have a variety of unique (and questionably-fashionable) cases on offer — you can expect to pay a premium for these, but maybe they're worth it if you want to stand out.

Last but not least you have the new Samsung Qi charging pad, which was introduced to accompany the now built-in charging capabilities of the new phones. It's a circular unit with two rings of rubberized material to nicely grip the glass back on the Galaxy S6, and the same kind of material is on the bottom to keep it on your desk or bedside table. It comes in either blue or white, nicely matching those available colors on the phones themselves, and sure looks a lot nicer than the old model if I do say so myself.