Take $110 off the Roborock S4 Max robot vacuum and clean up your mess

S4 Max Roborock
S4 Max Roborock

Take advantage of these double savings on the Roborock S4 Max going on right now at Amazon. When you clip the $50 off on-page coupon and use the code ROBOS4MAX during checkout, you bring the price of this powerful robot vacuum cleaner down to a grand total of just $319.79. That's more than $110 off its regular price and a match for the lowest we have ever seen. It only dropped to this price once directly, and that was during the holiday shopping season. Today is about as good a deal as you're ever going to see.

Uses a high-precision laser navigation system that can scan your home and map the floors. Has 2000Pa suction that can deep clean dirt and pet hair. The battery lasts up to 180 minutes. Do even more with the free app and voice control.

The Roborock S4 Max is advanced enough that it's actually capable of mapping your home. It uses Lidar Navigation and a high-precision laser navigation system, so it can learn exactly what it needs to clean and where. It can scan the room and create a real-time map that is super accurate and allows the Roborock to learn how to clean no matter where it's placed. Plus, you can do things like set invisible boundaries it can't cross, set up temporary zones the S4 Max will clean up to three times to make sure all the dirt is gone, and more.

The 2000Pa suction is very powerful and gives the Roborock enough power to clean everything from simple dust to pet hair to dirt that's trapped beneath low-profile carpets. It will also be able to clean for quite a long time thanks to its large battery. The S4 Max can stay out and about for up to 180 minutes, which is more than enough for your average cleaning routine. And if it isn't enough to finish the job, the S4 Max will return to its dock, recharge, and continue where it left off.

Control your new robot vacuum with the free app. You can do a lot in this app, giving you the freedom to decide where and how to clean. It can even save maps so you can create different maps for different rooms. You can also designate "no-go zones" to keep the robot vacuum from cleaning too much or going into rooms it doesn't need to go in. Plus, adjust the power settings right from the app as well. It can also connect to your smart home so you can command it with your voice.

John Levite
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