Your kids will love the Amazon Fire HD Kids Pro tablet and you'll love the Prime Day price

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro
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Times have changed and kids can put a nice tablet to good use — they're educational and entertaining devices for kids of all ages. One thing that hasn't changed though is that kids are rough with electronic and they often need supervision. That's where the Amazon Fire HD Kids Pro tablet enters the picture.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet:$200$120 at Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet: $200 $120 at Amazon

Kids of all ages will love this 10-inch HD Kids Pro tablet from Amazon. You'll love its p[rental controls, rugged and kid-proof build, and especially the Prime Day price.

We all want the best for kids. I have three myself and I was determined to make sure they had a better world, a happier life, and a better education than I did. I want that for your kids, too. It's cliché, but the kids really are our future.

An Amazon Fire HD Kids Pro tablet isn't going to guarantee any of those, but it is a great place to start. And since raising kids is so darned expensive saving 40% to grab one for $80 bucks off during Prime Day 2022 is a smart move.

It's built for kids ages six to 12, but it's still a powerful and full-featured device. The differences are what make it a winner for your family, though.

It's built with an extra durable outer shell because kids love to drop things or step on them or give them to the dog or whatever kids like to do. It also comes with a year's subscription to Amazon Kids+ service which includes thousands of books, games, and videos designed just for kids and access to Amazon's digital store.

Amazon Kids Plus Books

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Parents are given the tools to monitor and control what kids can see and use which is pretty important. We all know how ugly the internet can be and there are things the adults enjoy that our kids just aren't ready for. Use the tools to keep it that way, at least until the kids are grown enough to figure out ways around them. You even get to approve purchases and downloads before the kids can get them.

My kids grew up in the age before any company made devices built for them. I'm also not the biggest fan of Amazon. Saying that I would have bought them a Fire Kids tablet had they been around and did buy them for my grandchildren.

They deserve the head start. You deserve to save money.

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