You'll pay less for a Fire HD 8 tablet than a tank of gas on Prime Day

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020) held in one hand outdoors with grass in the background
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Amazon makes one of the better cheap tablets you can buy, and this Prime Day deal for the 32GB 9-inch HD model has it priced at just $45. That's half-price and a heck of a deal.

While you won't have access to Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store, Amazon has its own Fire ecosystem where you'll find just about any app you need along with a wide selection of movies, books, and more through your Amazon Prime subscription.

With up to 12 hours of battery life and a slot for microSD removable storage, the HD tablet is a great device for consuming offline content. When connected to Wi-Fi, you have your choice of streaming services that includes movies, shows, music, and gaming thanks to Amazon Luna. 

Amazon has a long list of great products on sale for Prime Day and the Fire tablets are some of its best.

Great tablet, great price

Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet:$90$45 at Amazon

Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet: $90 $45 at Amazon

You can spend a lot more on an 8-inch tablet but you don't really need to do it. The Fire HD 8 is a great size, is part of Amazon's huge product ecosystem, and Prime Day has it at a great price.

For most people, a great tablet is the perfect content consumption device. Whether you're surfing the web, using social media, or watching your favorite videos doing it on a device with a bigger screen is always better. Grabbing one for half price on Prime Day only sweetens the whole deal. If you want to protect it more, you can also get a Fire HD 8 case, which might also be on sale for Prime Day.

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