Don't pay the Apple tax on an iPad - the tablet I use instead is $100 off this Cyber Monday

Home Assistant Dashboard on Pixel Tablet
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Admittedly so, the Pixel Tablet is in a bit of a weird spot. On one hand, Google tells everyone that it's not a replacement for the Nest Hub Max, but on the other, it actually does the job even better than expected. But, regardless of whether you use it as a tablet or a smart home hub, time's running out for you to save $100 on the Pixel Tablet for Cyber Monday.

When the Pixel Tablet was first announced, I got about as excited as one could get, because it was the first tablet from Google since the Pixel Slate. And, it was the first Android tablet from Google since the Nexus 7. Since finishing my review, the Pixel Tablet has remained a staple in my home office, making my life easier, one day at a time.

Google Pixel Tablet: $499$398.99 at Amazon

Google Pixel Tablet: $499 $398.99 at Amazon

Not only does the Pixel Tablet offer an excellent tablet experience, but it does so much more. You can turn this into a smart home hub, or just use it as a tablet, all without fussing around with anything other than downloading your favorite Android apps.

Price check: $399 at Best Buy

With the Pixel Tablet firmly placed beneath my monitor, I'm able to quickly glance over and see what time it is. But it's also become my default device whenever I need to jump into a meeting, as I can just open up whatever app I need to. Attached to the speaker dock, I don't have to worry about finding headphones, making sure my webcam is connected, or worrying that the other participants can't hear me.

Because my family's dog sleeps in my office at night, we always put on some soothing rain or calming music for her to listen to. Before, I would use the TV mounted on my wall, but recently started using the Pixel Tablet because I'm able to control the volume with my phone via the Google Home app. 

Just this weekend, I was cleaning and tidying things up and decided to throw some Lo-Fi Christmas tunes from YouTube. When I was done, I just grabbed the tablet off of the dock, sat in the living room, and proceeded to get some Christmas shopping done.

The Pixel Tablet might not be the most powerful tablet out there, as that's still reserved for the Galaxy Tab S9. But, I would urge you to think twice before writing off the Pixel Tablet as not being as versatile.  

Andrew Myrick
Senior Editor - Chromebooks and tablets

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