Scrubbing hands wasn't talked of much before the COVID-19 era. Now we find ourselves fixating on soaps and sanitizers more than ever. You never know who cleaned their hands before touching something, so this hands-free Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser is a dream. No contact is needed, you just thrust your hands under the nozzle, and it squirts the right amount of liquid handwash.

We especially love that this Smart Soap Dispenser supports Alexa. Once you set it up and pair the Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser with an Alexa device like the Echo Dot or Echo Show, you'll enjoy washing your hands a lot more. You can create a schedule, play tunes automatically while you rinse, or even ask Alexa to tell you jokes.

Amazon is offering a 31% price cut on the Smart Soap Dispenser this Cyber Monday. Enjoy the discount and take advantage of it to grab all the nifty smart home products that you've been dreaming of. You'll never have to count to twenty while washing hands again — the Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser has a timer for that.

Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser Reco

Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser 31% off

Change the mundane task of washing hands into a fun little activity with this Alexa-enabled Smart Soap Dispenser. It even has a light to help you keep your wash-time to 20 seconds.

If you're concerned about the battery life, rest assured that the Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser excels in that area. A single charge will last you somewhere around three months. That's enough juice to last a financial quarter!

As for the other more obvious concern of using electronics around water, Amazon also took care of that. As a safety measure, the Smart Soap Dispenser is splash-resistant by design. All around, it's a nice little device to have. If you've got kids who don't like washing up, this will definitely stimulate excitement towards the task.

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