Xperia Z2

The Japanese electronics giant ended Q4 2014 by pulling in ¥8.22 trillion ($68.5 billion) in revenue with an operating profit of ¥68.5 billion ($571 million). On the flip side, Sony reported losses of ¥126 billion, mostly down to restructuring charges. Looking at Sony's forecasts, only two properties are expected to bring in increased revenue — its devices (imaging sensors and whatnot) and movie business arms looking to raise profits by 16.5 and 16.1 percent respectively.

The gaming segment of Sony is expected to drop approximately 1.3 percent in revenue, but mobile communications is when things really start to look bad — Sony expects revenue to fall by 7.1 percent and record a loss ¥39 billion ($6.2 billion). While the company isn't expecting things to be as bad as they were last year, the core of its business is still expected to remain unprofitable.

As previously touched on in Sony's recent profit outlook, we'll have to see how Sony looks to advance from the Xperia Z4 launch. It doesn't appear as though Sony is quite ready to throw in the towel however, as the company has previously denied rumors of the division being sold off.

Source: Sony