Sony Tablet S slated for Sept. 16 US launch, priced at $499.99

We've previously reported on launch schedules for Sony's Tablet S in Canada and the United Kingdom, but it now seems like the final piece in the puzzle is in place. The device has gone up for pre-order in the US with shipping dates "on or about" September 16, and prices starting at $499 for the 16GB version.

The date ties in with what we've already heard for Canadian and British customers and seems to indicate that Sony is going for a global launch on this one. Elsewhere, is also showing a shipping date of September 16.

Still no word on North American dates for the dual-screen Tablet P though, so if that's more your thing, the wait may be to be a bit longer.

Source: Sony 

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  • Who on their right mind would get this over the GT10.1?!
  • Someone who prefers Sony over Samsung perhaps.
  • People who like thicker, heavier tablets that cost the same amount without any discernible benefit other than a port. In other words, people won't buy them.
  • I have a similar thought. Who in their right mind would buy the Sony tablet or a GT10.1 over an Asus Transformer? :)
  • Alot folks don't like Samsung and its one port to do every thing.
  • To much too many tablets pretty much all the same specs.Price should start at $399.99
  • This is MUCH nicer than the SGT10
  • Care to explain why? It does have more I/O, and supposedly better software. But the screen is smaller and it is thicker.
  • clueless clueless clueless .,.tablets should be priced no higher the netbooks , period. the only reason Ipad gets away with it pricing is because apple fans will buy an apple product at any price. Try seklibg a $1000+ laptop like macbook in Windows form and it would fail like these tablets
  • Looks nice does it have hdmi out or sd card slot?also anyone know how good a trublack display is?
  • We just got these in at work a few days ago and I was extremely impressed with the very lightweight feel of it, the placement of the buttons and the snappiness of the UI. I'd definitely put it ahead of the Galaxy Tab any day. Too expensive for me though, so I'll stick with my Touchpad.
  • Alas Sony...Coming to the game late with specs that are soon to be outdated. I was interested in this tablet, but why should I get this over the quad core tablets that will be arriving on the market soon?!
  • You got to jump in and get your feet wet sometime. If you wait for the quad core tabs, then the next generation will be "right around the corner." I bought the Xoom off-contract the first day and am happy with my purchase. It's still the most updated, least customized (Sense, Touchwiz, Acer skin) of the tablets.
  • It's funny because I saw this tablet at the Naval Exchange in Virginia Beach yesterday for sale. Both the 32 and 16 gb.
  • Lol, it's a small small world we live in. Oceana?
  • If you want a bulky ten inch tablet, buy the Asus for $100 less and have the option of the keyboard/battery for about the same price as this with a bundled deal. Or you can wait for tablets to start hitting the sweet spot of $300 with top-end specs. You can even buy a Touchpad from the scalpers on ebay to tide you over.
  • I own 4 tablets, one of which is a Transformer and I wouldn't call it bulky by any means. My iPad fits that description better and is noticeably heavier.
    But having said that, the keyboard attachment doe make it bulky -- well, the size of a small netbook.
    Anyways, esthetic opinions aside, the Asus also has way better software and driver support than most, and out of the box, it works! I can't say the same for some of the other Android tablets that cost more.
  • Woohoo! Another tablet I can pick up in 3 months for $99
  • Good luck with that Sony. Everyone else who's tried to sell an Android Tablet for the same price as the iPad has failed. This one will too. No one is standing in line to buy any Android Tablet for $499, despite better hardware. The apps aren't there and the interest isn't there. But hey, you can always follow in the failed footsteps of the others.
  • Honestly, I don't understand why they think they can go toe-to-toe with the iPad. No regular joe is going to pick this up and buy it when they can get the iPad at the same price. If you can't sell it for less than the iPad, wait til the hardware drops in price so you can sell yours for 199 or 249.
  • That is the way to get more buyers to go for it. They should know that by now, since every Android Tablet maker who has tried to sell their Tablet at the Apple price, hasn't sold very many. And after the HP Fire Sale of the Touchpad with a second one on the way, who is looking to spend $499 on anything that isn't an iPad when they can get a Touchpad 16GB for $99 and 32GB for $149? if HP includes a 64GB Touchpad for $$249, Sony and every other Android Tablet maker can forget about it until after the fire sale.
  • I just bought the Sony - S tablet 32gb.......saved about a hundred dollars from the I-Pad cost at BB here in Canada. I wanted a smaller screen as I am a public transit commuter....I wanted it as an e-reader and able to get e-mails etc.... I am completely new to all the high tech stuff....and am having problems. Everyone I know is downloding torrents and I can't seem to get them to work. Is big brother Sony stopping this? When I was a kid when cassete recoeders came out and everybody was sharing music the record companies were crying....everyone shared and the weeping record companies made fists full of cash off everybody........ vcr's same thing. I think I'm ranting now....sorry