If you want a Sonos speaker, get it now before prices go up on September 12

Sonos Roam Review
Sonos Roam Review (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Sonos is reportedly raising the prices of several of its products.
  • Some products won't see a price increase, while others will go up as much as $100.
  • The company hinted at the price increase during its earnings call in August.
  • Prices will go up on September 12.

Sonos makes some of the best Bluetooth speakers around, but many of them are about to become more expensive as the company raises the prices of more than a few devices in its product lineup.

The company has announced (via The Verge) that it will raise prices across its lineup on September 12. This includes the newly launched Sonos Roam, which is already expensive, to begin with.

The price hike will affect plenty of the company's speakers, although some will be safe from the increase, such as the Sonos Move, Port, and Boost.

While September 12 doesn't give prospective customers much time to process the changes, the move wasn't exactly out of nowhere. The company plainly stated during its Q3 earnings report in August that it would raise prices ahead of its next fiscal year.

A Sonos representative told Android Central that the company is "always assessing market dynamics including demand, supply chain and component costs and the competitive landscape, and making pricing decisions accordingly."

It's possible that the "supply chain and component costs" Sonos cites could be related to the ongoing chip shortage that's affecting various industries. However, it's unfortunate that the company has taken to raising its prices as a response.

Here are the products that will see an increase on September 12:

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ProductOld PriceNew Price
Sonos One$199$219
Sonos One SL$179$199
Sonos Five$499$549
Sonos Roam$169$179
Sonos Arc$799$899
Sonos Sub$699$749
Sonos Amp$649$699

As noted before, a few products aren't seeing the price increase. That said, while some products are only seeing small increases, others are being hiked up as much as $100, and these speakers already aren't cheap.

September 12 is literally just around the corner, so if you've been eyeing a Sonos speaker, you should buy it now.

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  • Oof. I'm sure this is necessary, but a lot of their stuff already looks comically expensive next to Sonos' competitors. And let's be honest, multi-room grouping aside they're being left behind feature wise. And their app sucks.
  • I wouldn't buy there stuff at the old prices lol. overpriced hype
  • The weird thing is, their stuff actually isn't overpriced. It just looks like it is because Amazon and Google subsidise the hell out of their speakers.
  • I like the sound of their speakers, but the connection issues we have with different family members are terrible. Just seems like Bluetooth works more seamlessly.