Snoopy and the Bat-Watch are just a few of the faces in the Gear S2 watch face roundup

There are plenty of watch faces that are available on the Samsung Store to help you customize your experience. Trying to wade through all of them can be a serious pain though, especially when you can't go scrolling through the store from your computer. To help you out we've grabbed 5 watch faces available for your Samsung Gear S2 that you may not have seen quite yet.

See if we've found your favorite watch face!

All in One

If you're looking to be able to have as much information as possible at a glance, then the All in One is a great one to check out. You get access to tons of information in a concise format, that uses icons to help you understand everything at a glance. This face is just jam packed with the time, date, battery, pedometer, navigation, chance of rain, weather forecast, emails, calendar, settings and even music. Like we said, a ton of information is displayed here.

The time dominates the top of the screen in a 12-hour format, underneath that is the full date. The middle of the screen is a row of 5 icons that tell you your battery power, how many steps you've taken that day, how far you've traveled, and two different weather icons. Hugging the bottom of the screen are quick icons to get you to your email, calendar, settings, or music at a tap. You can also check on your activity for the day by double tapping the screen.

You can purchase the All in One Watchface on the Samsung Store for $2

Gear O'Clock

If you're looking for a watch face that has plenty of information, with a more traditional look then the Gear O'Clock might be the face for you. This face gives you a 12 and 24 hour format, the day of week, day of the month, and what time it is in places all over the world. The great thing about this face is that everything blends together beautifully, without looking overloaded. You can even change the tone of the watch face from golden to silver by tapping on the screen.

The middle of the watch face is a global map, surrounded by several rings which each display different information. From the center outwards you'll see a marking for seconds, then the 12 hour format, followed by the 24 hour format and two more rings with cities located around the world. At the bottom of the screen, along the 12 hour ring, you can see the day of week and day of the month. A small battery indicator is nestled between the 7 and 8 on this same ring. Over all of this are three hands to tell you the hour, minute and second of time.

You can pick up the Gear O'Clock Watch Face on the Samsung Store for $1.99


If you're looking to add a bit of nerdy flair to your wrist, then the Bat-Watch is where we'll recommend you to look. This face is fairly simple, while still giving you access to some pretty awesome features. The color scheme here is a combination of black, grey, and electric blue, helping you easily read the information on your screen.

The only design here is a grey bat, on a black background. There are electric blue markings for the seconds around the edge of the screen, and you get access to a pretty interesting array of information. By tapping on the screen you can cycle through several different bat logos to get the exact one you're hoping for. Just under the logo is the full date, and at the very bottom of the screen is a pedometer. Above the logo is the time in a 12-hour format, with the battery and a heartrate monitor at the very top of the screen.

The Bat-Watch is available for $1.50 on the Samsung Store.

Gear S2 Chronos Digital Model

The Digital Model Chronos watch face gives you an eggshell background with a very clean display that still has plenty of information. The middle of the screen is dominated by a timestamp, available in 12 or 24 hour formats, and precise down the the second. The background can be changed by double tapping on the screen letting you rotate through almost a dozen different colors. You can also pick and choose which information is displayed on your screen, and in some cases, how it is displayed.

While you don't get access to many choices, there are a few. You have the option of English, Spanish, Portugese, French, or German for the words on the watch face. You can also choose if the date is displayed, how the time is displayed, and even whether the clock lists off seconds as they tick on by. A colored bar will slowly creep around the edge of the screen to indicate the battery, and the date and days of the week are displayed along the edge as well.

The Gear S2 Chronos Digital Model is available on the Samsung Store for $.99

Snoopy on the Moon

Sometimes you just want a watch face that is sweet, and simple. If that's case, then Snoopy is to the rescue — from the moon. This is a super simple watch face that really doesn't have much information to be displayed in the least. What you do get is the time, your battery percentage, and several different animations that can be triggered by double tapping on the screen.

At the top of this watch face you'll see the time, in a 12-hour digital format. Just under that is the current percentage of your battery. Under that is the star of this watch face, Snoopy himself. The animations are all pretty cute, from Snoopy walking across the screen, to Woodstock appearing in his own tiny helmet.

This Watch face is available for free on the Samsung Store.

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