Update: Closed!

The yearly cycle of Android upgrades has started early in 2016, with the first Android N Developer Preview dropping a full month and a half ahead of the annual Google I/O developer conference. We don't know what it's going to be called, but if the pattern of years past continues, there's a good chance it will be a sweet food related name. Could it be Android Nutella? Perhaps Android Nanaimo Bar? Or will things get really crazy when they announce Android Nacho? (C'mon, it's a tasty treat, too!) We all just have to wait and see! In the meantime though, let's have some fun!

We want to give one of you a Pixel C tablet. Android N is going to bring a super important function to this tablet (hello multi-window support!) so we thought it would be rad to give one out to someone. But we also want to have some fun, so we're not just doing a "leave a comment below to enter" contest. This time you're going to work for it.

Nexus Nonpareil

So, to enter, post a creative picture on Instagram or Twitter with your prediction of what the N will stand for. Make sure you include the hashtag #WhatIsAndroidN so we can find your post, and if your account is private you might want to consider opening it up for the duration of the contest, otherwise we won't be able to see your picture.

Be creative! (I can guarantee that a picture of a lonely jar of Nutella on your counter isn't going to win.) You definitely want to try to include your phone or tablet or something else Android related in the shot. Bonus points if you're in the picture too!

Everyone may enter up to two pictures, so make sure you come up with a great idea and post your best shot. The contest is open worldwide, but please be aware that we are not responsible for fees incurred during shipping, such as customs fees, duties, taxes, and so on. We will be accepting entries through the end of March. After that we'll scour the internet for your pictures (using #WhatIsAndroidN to find you!) and then our team of judges will pick their favorite to win! Good luck everyone!