Samsung and Apple wowed last year with the release of the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X. Both phones are two of the absolute best (and most expensive) that money can buy, and as you'd expect, there's a heated debate about which one is truly supreme.

One Android Central forum user recently shared that they've had an iPhone X for about a month and are thinking about jumping to the Galaxy Note 8 as a result of iOS feeling a bit stale.

After reaching out to the community to get input about what they should do, we got the following responses:

B. Diddy

You're posting on an Android forum, so the answer will be a definitive YES.;) But if you're entrenched in Apple's ecosystem, there might be some annoyances with switching (like transferring music from iTunes, lack of iMessage, etc.).


I've had the iphone X. The Note 8 is a better device in many ways. If I'm picking an iOS device it would be the 8 Plus. We have a couple 8 Pluses in the house. Nobody was interested in the iPhone X after trying it. It really comes down to ecosystem. If you are not tied to the Apple ecosystem, then absolutely get the Note 8.


honestly used to have an iPhone. still a solid iPad user. some things about iPhone now a days I don't mind. but I always feel like there's a better thing for Android.. can make it feel more like my phone which I love. not a "Here's your phone that you can't change anything. where as android even if you and three guys have the same phone they'll all be different . its a steap learning...


if you do move to the Note 8 there are some things you need to do first from what I have read. unless you have another Apple device like an iPad you will have issues due to imessenger. don't remember all of it but I am sure there is a thread here that discusses all the issues Apple imposes. I have the Note 8 and an IPad Pro. IOS is boring for sure. you will enjoy the Note 8 once you make...


Now, we'd like to hear from you – Would you recommend switching to the Galaxy Note 8 from the iPhone X?

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