We've seen the the S-View Case for the Galaxy S6 up-close, but the storage and kickstand options of Seidio's LEDGER Case were too enticing to not give a trial run. What we didn't expect, however, was a disadvantage that could render this particular cover useless for many Galaxy S6 owners.

Wrapped in a beautiful Italian polyurethane that's smooth to the touch, this flip cover manages to keep the Samsung Galaxy S6 safe from scratches on both sides — but isn't likely to do much for more serious impacts. A slim hard shell is permanently attached inside the flip cover, which is what the S6 snaps into. The top and bottom of this shell are left wide open, so you have easy access to your charging port and headphone jack. There are appropriate cutouts for the side buttons as well, but you'll obviously need to flip it open to adjust volume.

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The inside of front flap features a single storage slot for your cash, cards or ID. It takes a little breaking-in to easily retrieve anything you decide to store here, but after a few days I was able to keep both my credit card and ID stacked without fighting to get them out. Any more than 2, though, may risk the magnetic clasp on the side from staying closed. Speaking of magnets — there's a common concern here when it comes to placing your cards on or anywhere near a wireless charger. There are a lot of cases for the Galaxy S6 that store credit cards, and many people never seem to have an issue. You can always play it safe and simply remove your card, though. Magnetic worries aside, thanks to the clunky plastic disc on the back cover, the Galaxy S6 can't even get close enough to the surface of any Qi-pad to enjoy a cable-free charge. So, if you're not ready to give up wireless charging — removing the cover each time is your only option.

The most distinct feature of the Seidio LEDGER Case is its built-in stand. Not only can you watch movies in landscape position, you can rotate it vertically as well. Personally, I seem to only ever use it horizontally when playing games or watching Netflix, but having both options is a neat addition. You can snatch-up the LEDGER Case in either gray or pink for $29.95 right here at ShopAndroid — a few bucks cheaper than directly from Seidio or Amazon.

Final thoughts

Seidio's got a great looking flip cover with the LEDGER Case, but it's hard to look past the inability to take advantage of wireless charging — credit cards or not. The Italian polyurethane gives the Galaxy S6 a nice touch, and makes it a cinch to take in and out of pockets. Having extra viewing options doesn't hurt, either.

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