Save $100 on two Facebook Portals and make video calls easier this holiday season

Facebook Portal TV
Facebook Portal TV (Image credit: Facebook)

Video calling has been all the rage these past couple of years. Whether it's because you're farther than you'd like from your loved ones and want to see their faces or due to situations requiring some responsible social distancing — talking to people through a camera has risen in frequency. Make help your next video call even easier while saving $100 on a pair of Facebook Portals with this awesome deal.

After reading how the Facebook Portal TV saved a socially distanced Thanksgiving last year, I had to get one for myself. It was an excellent purchase to help my aging grandfather to easily talk with friends and family. The ease of use and allowing him to stay in his chair and always be in full view of the camera has been wonderful.

Of course, since the Facebook Portal devices are tied to your Facebook account, all of your friends that use the service are easily accessible from the Portal's interface. But to make the devices even more useful, you can also use them with some of the best video conference software options like WhatsApp, Zoom, Workplace, and more.

Save $100 and bring the family closer with this deal on Facebook Portal

From calling friends and family or logging into your next Zoom meeting, the Facebook Portal makes it easy to stay in touch with video calls

When you aren't making video calls with your Facebook Portal, it will double as a smart speaker with Alexa built-in. Because of this, you'll be able to control all the excellent smart home devices you pick up for Black Friday, ask Alexa questions, or get some help on your holiday cook with recipes. However you plan to use your new Facebook Portal, now is the time to get a pair of them for $100 off.

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