Samsung's new Buy and Try program lets you try out a Galaxy Z Fold 2 for 100 days

Spotify Apple Music S21 Ultra Z Fold
Spotify Apple Music S21 Ultra Z Fold (Image credit: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung today announced a new 100-day Buy and Try program for foldables.
  • Buyers will have up to 100 days to use a Galaxy Z Flip or Z Fold 2 and see if it's right for them.
  • The program runs through April 1st.

Samsung is making its foldables a more attractive purchase in a way that goes beyond simple price cuts. Now, it's extending the return window for the Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Z Fold 2. Where it was a standard 15 days, it'll now be returnable for 100 days. Dubbed the Buy and Try program, users would have up to three months to really get their head around using a foldable and adapt to the new form factor before deciding if they wanted to go in for the long haul or return it.

Speaking to The Verge on Tuesday, a Samsung spokesperson said:

This new initiative will help consumers try and see if a foldable device is right for them, as part of Samsung's commitment to making foldable devices more accessible for everyone.

Foldables are a relatively new form factor with a rocky launch, so it makes sense that the company that's making the best foldables now would try and assuage buyer concerns. Samsung recently promised a minimum of four years of updates for its foldables, including 3 years of software updates. Whether you're on the fence about its devices or not, Samsung is definitely in it for the long-term.

The Buy and Try program is live now and runs through April 1st for eligible foldables. You'll need to make the purchase directly through Samsung's website to take advantage of it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Galaxy Z Flip 5G

The Galaxy Z Flip 5G gives you all the features you'd find in a regular smartphone but adds the convenience of a foldable form factor for extra portability. One of the best Snapdragon 5G chips makes this phone incredibly fast, and anyway you look at it, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G will make a statement.

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