Samsung now promises four years of updates to all recent Galaxy devices

Galaxy S20 FE in Cloud Red
Galaxy S20 FE in Cloud Red (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung just announced a new update policy for all its smartphones.
  • The company now offers 4 years up of security updates in addition to 3 years of OS updates for its flagship smartphones.
  • This new policy applies to all smartphones released since 2019 including the A-series, M-Series, and all its foldables.

Android phones have never been good with updates, especially compared to Apple which beat down even the best Android phones when it comes to both speed these updates are delivered with, and the length of which these updates are delivered. Samsung's been trying to change that, and we've even noted how good the OEM has been in delivering updates.

Now, Samsung is once again extending its software support for smartphones. It's now offering four years of security updates for all Galaxy phones and tablets launched since 2019, ranging from the cheap ones to the expensive ones. These updates will be delivered at a regular cadence ranging from monthly to quarterly, and Samsung says that four years is the floor, not the ceiling, in terms of support.

Seungwon Shin, VP & Head of Security Team at Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics, said:

At Samsung, our number one priority is offering the best and most secure mobile experience to our users, and we're constantly optimizing the security of our products and services. Mobile devices play such an important role in our lives, it's only natural that we want to hold onto them longer. That's why, thanks to the latest technology advancements, we're committing to securing Galaxy devices for even longer, so that everything that should be kept protected stays protected.

This applies all Galaxy S phones from the S10 to the S21, Galaxy Note phones from the Note 10 onwards, all the Galaxy Folds and Flips, all the Galaxy M Series, and so on, and so forth. You can find the full, exhaustive list of devices over at Samsung's press release.

Samsung recently pledged to provide up to three OS updates for its smartphones. Paired with this new exhaustive security update policy, this cements Samsung as one of the brands in terms of long-term updates.

Michael Allison