Samsung's bean-shaped earbuds will feature active noise cancellation, after all

Galaxy Buds Beans
Galaxy Buds Beans (Image credit: WinFuture)

What you need to know

  • A report out of Korea suggests the company's next-gen wireless earbuds will, indeed, feature active noise cancellation.
  • The unique, bean-shaped earbuds were leaked late last week.
  • The report also suggests that the earphones will cost under $150.

When they were leaked to the world last week, we didn't really know much about the technology inside Samsung's upcoming, and uniquely-shaped, successors to the Galaxy Buds series. Now, a report out of Korea is shedding some more light on how the new earbuds will stack up against the current Galaxy Buds+.

First off, and I'm sure it'll please Samsung fans who've been clamoring for the feature non-stop, yes, the Galaxy Buds Beans will have active noise cancellation. And,yes, that might actually be the name under which they're launched. The addition of the feature will also mean that Samsung finally has a product that can go toe-to-toe against the AirPods Pro, which beat Samsung to the feature more than five months ago.

In terms of dimensions, the Beans will be 28mm long, 13mm wide. The charging case for housing the earbuds will reportedly be about 26mm thick. Samsung hopes to trim those dimensions down even further, the report says.

As the leaked 3D renders of the earbuds reveal, the body will house two speakers and three microphones for superior audio quality. And while the unique design of the earbuds means they barely protrude from your ears (if at all), the lack of a closed fit inside the ear, and the possibility of sound leaking through, may have all but necessitated the use of active noise cancellation.

While battery size wasn't mentioned, the Galaxy Beans will presumably last for about 11 hours on a single charge.

What about price and availability? In Korea, at least, the earbuds will be sold for 170,000 won (equivalent to $140). The report also suggests that Samsung may launch the bean-shaped earbuds alongside its next flagship, the Galaxy Note 20, sometime in August.

Notably, the Galaxy Beans will not replace the Galaxy Buds lineup. Instead, they'll be sold alongside the Galaxy Buds+, as a more premium offering. Since the latter are already sold for $150 in the U.S., though, this means that either the Buds+ will be getting a price cut come August or that U.S. pricing may be significantly higher than the approximately $140 Korean buyers are expected to pay.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

While they lack active noise cancellation, Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ are still among the best audio accessories you can buy in the Android world. Offering superior sound quality, additional mics to improve call quality, and longer battery life, they provide some serious bang for your buck.

Muhammad Jarir Kanji