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Samsung Vibrant to start getting Froyo on Jan. 21 -- as in tomorrow!

Yeah, you read that right. The Samsung Vibrant is finally getting Froyo. Just like Samsung promised, lo those many months ago. T-Mobile CMO Cole Broadman confirmed to PCMag that the Android 2.2 update will start pushing out on Jan. 21. And as usually is the case, not everybody's going to get the update at the onset, but it'll keep pushing for a few weeks.

Broadman told PCMag that the wait for Froyo was a technical issue -- and not any of the rumored reasons, such as not wanting to canibalize from another phone, or because of supposed payments.

So hang tight, folks. It's coming. It's really coming. [PCMag]

  • Oh fahk!!! I'm hyped for my wife!! :P
  • YAY! Finally we get Fro-! Wait....the Vibrant? Nevermind. Sent from my Fascinate using some underwhelming messaging app.
  • Tmobile fears the impending Android Central podcast and finally did something! So do you all think this means an immediate Kies release? Because I don't want to wait to try the official version - been running Nero 5 TW for the last couple of days - would like to see how vanilla TW does on 2.2 and what improvements have been made since the leaks! Jack
  • I'm sure they don't fear the podcast, even tho AC podcasts often have over a thousand attending. But you can't tell me that the widespread grousing about slow (or non existent) updates appearing on every android site and even the mainstream press isn't Starting to have an effect. There is value in putting the story up for discussion, instead of burying it down in the forums. (This leads further credence to first story that that AC poo-pooed about T-mo having Froyo in hand but being leaned on by Samsung not to release it.)
  • Good for them. Finally starting to move. The big question is "What about the rest of the Galaxy S line?" Hopefully my Fascinate won't be too far behind.
  • Im just confused at how can they send an update for ONE Galaxy S phone and not all.....they are the same EFFING phones!
  • No, they are not. There are significant hardware differences.
  • Huh? Such as what? Other than different cellular radios for GSM & CDMA (the Epic's QWERTY keyboard & FFC) they ARE the same phone. I'm not saying some of the parts aren't in different places, but what would that have to do with the phone's ability to run Froyo? They all have the same processor, GPU, Touchwiz skin on top of it.
  • You nailed it exactly on the head with this statement "Other than different cellular radios for GSM & CDMA (the Epic's QWERTY keyboard & FFC)", each Vendor actually has a different Radio. That is like saying That Audi and VW are exactly the same car except for Transmission and Engine because they are built and owner by the same company.
  • That is not even close to an anology. The Processor and GPU are more like the engine and transmission. The radios aren't even that big of a deal, we can easily swap different radios to each others phones (No point though, if I swapped with a TMOBILE one I would only get edge). The main problem is the GPS problem. Sprint has already come out with it and said they won't let Samsung release Froyo unless if it passes their rigorous testing procedures. I'm sure all the backlash from the GPS problem has caused the carriers to not pass Froyo unless the GPS is fixed. Other than that, for a Software Engineer developing for these very similar phones, it's not as hard as you think it is. Once again, you only have on big problem here and that's the GPS on all of the devices.
  • There is tons of testing that has to happen before something can be pushed to millions of phones on different carriers. It's not as simple as everyone is making it out to be.
  • That is great for those on TM, but what about us on Sprint, have they forgotten us or do we need to join the class action suit???
  • Yeah that's just great, but when are we going to get Froyo on the Galaxy S?!? ... oh
  • Ill believe it when I see it.........and you guys are following this like idiots............smh
  • Will the update work on a rooted phone? Will the update unroot the phone when applied?
  • If you are rooted, you will not receive the update. But worry not, if you are rooted, you have far better roms and support that are 2.2 or better. I was worried about the same thing on my Incredible when 2.2 came around, even though by that time Iwas already rooted and running awesome 2.2 roms. I think maybe when we hear about official upgrades, some of us feel like we are being left behind, even though we are miles ahead. I now have more faith in the dev community than I do the oems and carriers...
  • Maybe this will trigger other carriers as well
  • I was going to say that the latest leak, KA6, is frign fast, stable, and very well polished. Now all we need is to get the DL link from Google tomorrow and everyone will have it on there Vibrant's!!! I'm sure the other phones are not far behind and will probably all hit next week.
  • Great to hear the Vibrant is getting some love... what about us Fascinate users? Oh well the waiting continues....
  • I'm sure this means that the other US Galaxy S devices will get their scoop of yogurt soon too.
  • so this update is only for the vibrant?
    what about the fascinate?
  • Were you expecting T-Mobile to release an update for your Facinate?
  • icebike, u C---.
  • lol, he does have a valid point....
  • ROFL!
  • i have a valid POINT for his mom.
  • That's all you get...I bet they stop any support after 2.2 Froyo
  • That'd be a signal to eBay it off.
  • Honestly the way Google set up 2.2 it's not a big deal if it doesn't get 2.3. Geeks will root and custom rom it. For everyone else all the apps will still work and they will be pushed the latest Google apps. When 2.2 was announced I had to have where as with 2.3 it be nice, but I don't have the same desire for it.
  • And don't forget the Captivate. :(
  • Grats guys!!!! Me and my Cappy are jealous!!
  • Yeah, what about the Craptivate? Hope it goes well for you guys, no bugs like the European or Canadian updates.
  • Yay!!!! Just in time to be a topic on tonight's Android Central DroidCast!
  • I thought the Fascinate would be the first to get official Froyo. I guess not. Nonetheless, congrats to the Vibrant owners out there.
  • Why would the Fascinate get Froyo before the Vibrant? Wasn't the Fascinate, the last US Galaxy S phone to be released?
    Epic 4G
    Fascinate I am happy to see the Vibrant get it first. They can work out all the bugs first :)
  • hopefully the French and Canadians got the bugs worked out. i do not know but i would assume the BASIC parts of the phone are the same
  • Lets not forget that the US carriers will have the built in Tethering removed.
  • Actually I believe the Mesmerize for USCC was the last of the Galaxy S devices to be released in the U.S. The Fascinate could well be last because of how badly Verizon warped it's software.
  • first off i do not think it is going to happen. with that said, i find it funny how 3 days after they were accused of, all they were accused of, they decide to start pushing Froyo. I was one, of i am sure many, who emailed them asking them what was going on after they were accused of wanting money from the carriers. now "magically" this is ready. I am not saying the accusations were real or fake, i am saying i find it funny how when it was brought to the front lines something happened, real fast.
  • Coincidence.
  • I just find it very odd they decided to release Froyo after the published story (or as they say "rumor" about them withholding Froyo to boost sales of the new line or release of phones. Hmmm, makes you think there was some truth to the story. How long have they had Froyo???? Where's my Froyo for the Galaxy S!!!!!! Hurry up VZW!!!
  • Phil, did you really say "as Samsung promised"? I'm sorry, it's awfully coincidental this update just "happens to get pushed out at the same time as the announcement as the Vibrant 4G. Phil, I like you a lot, but you're coming off awfully pro Samsung in these discussions. We know deep down you're not a T mobile fan; but to me, you're starting to cross the line as ar as impartiality on this. Sayt it isn't so.
  • I was in the room at the U.S. Galaxy S launch event in June in NYC when Samsung said they'd be updated to Froyo. So, yes. Samsung said/promised/whatever. And everyone (as in anyone with an Eclair Galaxy S phone) has been saying Samsung broke its promise. So, "promise" it is.
  • Phil, thank you for the clarification, much appreciated. If the PCMAG story is accurate, the fault can be believed to lie with the carriers. Still a fan, getting jaded on this android thing tho.
  • i guess u didnt read those few words after "as Samsung promised". he threw in the lol...or i think it was suppose to be "lol" for the sarcasm.
  • "lo those many months ago" I believe the "lo" he used was used to elicit a phrase essentially meaning "all those many months ago". I don't believe it was meant as an LOL.
  • Correct. But I have since lol'd. :p
  • Well, then, there you go :) Glad to see a sense of humor. It is greatly appreciated.
  • mistake. thanks for the correction.
  • *Ding dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead!!*
    So, with that in mind, is VZW, Sprint and the rest going to release Froyo for their respective Galaxy S phones soon? My Fascinate wouldn't mind hooking up with a Vibrant Froyo style...
  • Oh, for what, an hour. Then, they will pull it. They should have just went to Gingerbread.
  • I could care less if the ever officially release 2.2 for the Epic. I know my phone is faster with a custom 2.2 EXT4 rom anyhow...and sadly, probably more reliable too
  • This is why it is important that customers demand more from the manufacturers/carriers. Wow!! all of a sudden froyo is coming out tomorrow.I'm sure it had nothing to do with all the rumors and bad press samsung was getting. Watch all the carriers announce it coming in the next couple weeks.... Your voice does matter.
  • So Verizon is the best carrier but they get beat out by TMo on this update......
  • Maybe they are not the best Carrier after all and what Verizon got the Fascinate a month maybe a month and a half after TMO.
  • when is the update for my touch slide pleassssseeeeee
  • Congrats to those with the Vibrant.."If" you receive it please report what you gainned(GPS improvement, tethering, improved copy and paste...etc)..thanks...this was a repost, sorry.
  • Anyone get it yet?
  • nope
  • It' s 12:54pm for Samsung Vibrant T-Mobile customer and no Froyo as of yet. I called T-mobile and asked when I should expect to receive this update and the representative said that they are unaware of any updates at this time. So I called Samsung Customer service and received the same response. Both companies(Samsung and T-Mobile)customer service departments seem to be absolutely clueless about any 2.2 / Froyo updates at any time in in near future! WTF another prank for all of us hoping to receive Froyo today!! Don't get excited until you see it!! Good Luck!
  • Just received the Froyo update at 4:00pm central standard time, After downloading from kies mini and re-booting twice! Nice and smooth runs faster when loading Picture Gallery. Big BOO BOO though in replacing my favorite Live Wallpaper that came on my phone with lame ones, UGHH! I want my Live Wallpaper back and its not on the market!! Other changes include Snap and stretch feature on front screen is awesome! I also like the auto rotate option added to pull down menu if it worked! Another bonus is allowing the Vibrant to make calls through Wifi, totally worth the wait and tethering its about time!! Overall after the long agonizing wait for this update, not being able to tag video camera for live video calls and missing my favorite wallpaper, I wish I had just bought the new 4G! Disappointed!