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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is real, official, and the waiting is finally over. There's a lot to take in on both the hardware and the software front, and we're really only just beginning to scratch the surface. During the Unpacked event in New York City, we were treated to a first look at some of the new content services that will be coming to market with the Galaxy S4. 

First up is Samsung Hub. This does exactly what it says on the box, and is the single entry point for all of Samsung's content services on the Galaxy S4. Browsing, managing and purchasing a variety of content can be done through the Hub using a single Samsung account. 

Samsung Apps has been updated to add extra search features to find apps in both Samsung Apps and Google Play that are optimized for Samsung devices. 

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Samsung ChatON on the Galaxy S4 combines the VOIP and video calling elements with the new dual-camera mode introduced allowing for photo sharing during calls. ChatON now also integrates a screen sharing feature, allowing you to share your Galaxy S 4 display with the person you're chatting with and control it during the call. 

Group Play is all about sharing. Music, documents, games, all can be shared with your friends without the need for a common WiFi network. The SDK to this is being opened up to developers too, so it's going to be interesting to see what game developers can come up with. 

The Galaxy S4 is also the first device to ship with Visa's payWave function built in. In its simplest terms this is geared towards making NFC payments on a global scale using the Galaxy S4. 

We're sure to see a lot more of all these in the coming weeks, but for now to see the full press release, click on past the break. 

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Samsung Previews Samsung Hub and New Content Services on GALAXY S 4 at Unpacked

Samsung Hub, an integrated multimedia content store, will provide consumers with a sophisticated magazine-style viewing experience

New York, USA – March 14, 2013 – Today at GALAXY S 4 Unpacked, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. unveiled a suite of exciting new content services including Samsung Hub, an integrated multimedia content store offering a comprehensive media experience, providing music, videos, books, games and learning content within a stunning magazine-style display.

Samsung Hub will provide a single entry for Samsung's five content services, making it incredibly easy and convenient to use. You can browse through a variety of content across services, as well as purchase and manage content easily, from a single Samsung Account. Samsung Hub features an integrated search -- when you browse a keyword, the results will show related content from all of the five services at once.

Samsung WatchON, introduced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, is Samsung’s ‘Video Discovery’ service, aimed at providing a faster and easier way to watch live TV programs and on demand video content while using a mobile device. One of the unique features of Samsung WatchON is that it can transform a connected mobile device into a universal remote control, allowing users to search for live TV programs through a guide and then view those selections on their connected Samsung SMART TVs. Samsung WatchON also provides multi-screen capabilities, recommendations, one-stop search functionality, and social sharing functionality.

Samsung Apps, is a newly updated service that provides search functionality for applications in Samsung Apps, which are specialized for Samsung devices, and Google Play, as well.

Samsung ChatON for GALAXY S 4 offers a holistic communication experience by combining fun and creative text messaging with a high quality mVoIP/Video Chatting service. You can enjoy high quality video and voice chat with up to two friends on a WiFi and mobile network, as well as easily switching from text chat to video/voice chat and vice versa. The ‘Dual Camera’ feature, which allows both rear and front cameras to take simultaneous photos and videos, means you can now also share both images with during a video call. And for the ultimate sharing experience, the ‘Share Screen’ feature enables you to share your phone screen and the ability to control this with a friend during a one-to-one call, without having to download and upload files to their device. In addition, translation in ChatON, called ‘S Translator,’ supports you to enjoy the 1:1 chat with friends using different languages. Received messages from buddies can be translated automatically and manually into your language and also translation is possible when you send messages to your buddies. This translation function in ChatON is available only in the GALAXY S 4.

Group Play enables users to experience sharing photos, music, documents and games with their friends wherever they are, without the need for a network environment. Preloaded game content will be provided on the GALAXY S 4. Samsung is opening its SDK to the public, encouraging more partner development companies to develop various types of games in the future, further embracing its philosophy of innovation conceived by people in order to inspire them in return.

The GALAXY S 4 is the world’s first device to preload Visa’s payWave function into the embedded secure element, which can be used by both MNOs and banks; more payment applets from multiple brands are planned to be preloaded into the embedded secure element in coming months. NFC payments will be commercially available on the GALAXY S 4 on a global basis using the embedded secure element, in addition to using the SIM-based secure element.

“These exciting new content services are designed to offer our users the best content usage experience of our industry today. Our focus is on continually innovating across a diverse range of products and services that meet the expectation of users” said Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, President and Head of Samsung Media Solution Center.