Samsung V-NAND

Following the logical progression along flash storage development, Samsung has just announced that it will begin mass producing 3D "vertical NAND" (V-NAND) flash chips. Although we know Samsung as a massive consumer electronics company, the Korean manufacturer also has a lucrative business making the internal components — such as processors, flash storage and displays — for many different device manufacturers.

We've talked before about the move by Samsung (and other manufacturers) to smaller technology for fitting a denser amount of storage on the same physical area with the move to a 10nm-class manufacturing process, but as the name would lead you to expect this new 3D NAND system goes a step further. Rather than sticking to a traditional "planar" (flat) structure, Samsung is now building chips that stack components vertically — up to 24 cell layers high.

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Just like moving to a smaller architecture, moving to V-NAND has inherent advantages in both reliability and speeds for the resulting chips. Samsung says that these first V-NAND chips are 2 to 10 times more reliable and have 2 times the write performance when compared to existing 10nm-class flash memory.

With mass production starting now, Samsung expects the new chips to be in resulting consumer electronics from consumer-class computer SSDs down to embedded flash storage in the near future.

Source: Samsung (BusinessWire)