The launch of Galaxy Fold from Samsung, which was supposed to redefine what a mobile device is, has been quite the roller coaster so far. It started out with mostly positive impressions and sold out in a matter of hours.

Then, it took a turn as devices sent out for review began to fail one after the other. Eventually resulting in Samsung having to do a full recall of the review units for investigation and postpone the launch globally.

That brings us to May 7, where we now have confirmation that Samsung will cancel any remaining pre-orders of the Galaxy Fold beginning May 31 unless customers actively tell the company they want to keep it.

It's not the news Galaxy Fold customers were likely hoping for, especially after they were willing to offer up $2000 of their hard earned money for the device. Regardless, it beats radio silence.

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Currently, there is no official launch date and all we've had to go by is the June 13 shipping date from the email sent out to customers who pre-ordered from AT&T. Right now, it's unclear if that date is accurate to when the Fold will actually launch or just a placeholder for the time being.

Samsung Galaxy Fold review: Potential and promise, not a product