Put your phone right where you can see it with this Cyber Monday deal on a gooseneck phone stand

Gooseneck Phone Mount Lifestyle
Gooseneck Phone Mount Lifestyle (Image credit: Amazon)

Cyber Monday is a great time to buy big-ticket items like a 4K television or a Chromebook, but there are also plenty of small things that just make life easier. This is one of those small things.

It's not hard for most people to hold their phones while watching a movie or reading Facebook. Not hard at all. But you can make it even easier with a phone stand, and this gooseneck phone holder from BILLKAQ is a tested winner.

I always have a hard time going to sleep. I could take pills or something, but what I do to take me down is watch movies in bed until my eyes find a way to stay shut until morning. I eventually got tired of my phone flopping over and smacking me in the face as I dozed off and tried one of these gooseneck phone holders. This very one, which Amazon tells me I ordered it a while ago, in fact. I just love the damn thing!

You can clamp the adjustable arm to just about anything, be it a table, a desk, or your bed. The long arm is vinyl covered but inside is a flexible steel arm that you can bend and twist until your phone is in just the right spot so you can see it. For me, that's about 10 inches above my pillow. For you, it can be anywhere.

It fits just about any phone between 3.5 and 6.5 inches (sorry Galaxy Z Fold 2) and is plenty rigid to keep it exactly where you put it. It also swivels at the mount so you can put your phone horizontal or vertical and there is really nothing I don't love about this silly little contraption. I wish I could hug whoever came up with the idea.

While you're shopping for all the rest of the cool stuff you'll find on sale for Cyber Monday, do yourself a favor and toss this $10 dohookey into your cart. You'll be glad you did!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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