Becoming a pilot isn't as difficult or expensive as you might think. The Potensic D80 GPS drone with 2K Camera is packed with features to make flying a bit easier, and today it drops to just $99.99 at Amazon when you use promo code G9NCDFQA during checkout. That saves you 50% off its current price; it's recently sold for up to $260.

Up in the sky!

Potensic D80 GPS drone with 2K camera

This powerful drone is equipped with four brushless motors for a stable flight over long distances, an upgraded 2K camera with 5G Wi-Fi for capturing cinematic HD video, flight speeds up to 25 mph, and a range of nearly 2,625 feet.

$99.99 $259.99 $160 off

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The D80 uses four powerful brushless motors to stabilize the flight and travel long distances without consuming power. It can reach flight speeds as high as 25 miles per hour and has a range up to 800 meters with the remote control. That can extend up to 1000 meters if there's little signal interference.

Even with some interference, your drone will never get lost. The dual GPS technology helps keep an accurate position. The return-to-home function means it will automatically return to you anytime the battery runs low, the signal gets too weak, or it flies out of range.

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The remote control can work with your smartphone to provide a first-person view of the drone's camera. Record in 2K resolution and capture cinematic videos. You can also capture 2MP still images. You'll need a microSD card for all of that, and it supports up to 32GB cards. If you're planning an all-day project, you might want a couple of them, but that size runs pretty affordably anyway so it shouldn't be a problem. The camera uses 5G Wi-Fi for super speedy transmissions, too, so you can see what it sees from wherever you're standing.

The drone comes with 1800mAh batteries, which will give you up to 20 minutes of flight time. It also includes an aluminum case, which can also carry and protect your drone when you're on the move. Potensic backs all this up with a one-year warranty.

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