The Affinity Series Case from Poetic features a completely clear design combining a durable polycarbonate with a shock absorbent TPU that accents the edges and all 4 corners. It's built as a single cover that easily snaps around the Note 5 leaving easy access to the charging port, S-Pen, auxiliary port, speaker, and microphone. The side buttons are slightly raised, but remain clear with the rest of the case — that is, if you opt for the clear version — the black/clear option keeps a mostly transparent design with the exception of black accents that include the side buttons.

The front bezel keeps the Note 5's display raised enough from flat surfaces, eliminating any chance of screen wear. The left and right sides of the Affinity Series Case sport an active texture that's designed to enhance your grip around the device, and it's quite effective in doing so. On the back of the plastic shell is a Poetic logo that sits in the middle with the full name towards the bottom. The Affinity label is the largest of the text found on the case, which is along the right side if you're looking at the back of the device.

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While the completely clear version of this case fits as nicely as it looks, the black/clear alternative left a rather unsightly clear-wrap blob on the back when installed. It's strange considering the cases are built identically, but it's as if the other fits too tight and in turn gives off that blotchy appearance. It could also be that the case I received is a fluke, because other reviews on Amazon show a perfect fit with the exception a couple that have the same complaint. At any rate, it's just something to look out for.

The drawback of most clear cases is their incredible ability to collect fingerprints, and while the Affinity shares that same characteristic, its busy design doesn't show them as vividly. Scuffs, however, become permanent and tend to be a bit more noticeable over time. It's a double edged sword, really.

The Poetic Affinity Series Case for Galaxy Note 5 is a great feeling case that helps to prevent unwanted drops and doesn't make the device bulky. If you're a fan of the Ringke Crystal Fusion but desire extra texture and a bit more solidity — scoop this one up.

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