The latest Plantronics headphones are designed for everyone from athletes to gamers

The holiday shopping season is closing in on us all, and Plantronics has new products lined up to help you take advantage of your gift-giving opportunities leading with the true wireless BackBeat Fit 3100 earbuds (opens in new tab). With a battery life of five hours and a charging case adding an additional ten, these headphones are capable of all-day playback. They're also sweatproof and waterproof so you can listen and work out without worry. Amazon and other retailers have them priced at $149.99 and available now.

Meanwhile, the BackBeat Fit 2100 earphones (opens in new tab) take those same earbuds and add a flexible band between them to keep them connected. Not only can they last for a bit longer on a single charge (up to seven hours), but you also save $50 as they're sold for just $99.99 in Black, Grey, or Lava Black.

The wireless BackBeat Go 410 headphones (opens in new tab) were also just released, featuring a battery life of up to 12 hours. They offer active noise-cancellation so you can listen without all the sounds around you bleeding through, and the feature can be turned off as well to conserve your battery power. These earphones aren't fully wireless like the BackBeat Fit 3100 earphones above, but they're a bit less expensive at $129.99 (opens in new tab).

Plantronics didn't stop there though. Things get even more affordable with the BackBeat Fit 350 (opens in new tab) headphones which are priced at just $79. These headphones, just as the ones above, utilize Bluetooth to connect to devices and are capable of lasting for six hours of playtime before needing to be recharged. There's also a pair of over-ear headphones, called the BackBeat Go 810 (opens in new tab) headphones, for $149.99 which offer active noise-cancellation, 40mm drivers, and up to 28 hours of wireless listening.

For the gamers out there, Plantronics also recently released new versions of its Rig gaming headsets (opens in new tab): the Rig 300, Rig 400 Pro, and Rig 500 Pro. Which one is right for you will generally depend on which console you use and your budget, though the 500 Pro HC (opens in new tab) would get you the most bang for your buck. There are a variety of headphones in these lines to choose from depending on your needs and the style you like.

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  • Cannot describe how excited I am about these (3100's). I've had the original BackBeat Fit's for around 4 years now and they've been flawless and always came back to them after trying other brands. They're the best running/sports headphones by far IMO. Mine aren't quite holding the same charge anymore so I was planning to replace them with another pair until I read about the new upgraded range yesterday.
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  • I have a Plantronics Voyager pro, really like the quality. Might have to give the wireless a try.