One secret Galaxy Z Flip 5 deal takes $400 off the price right now

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 folded at an angle
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It hasn't even been a month since release and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is nearly half off the original asking price at Best Buy. This pre-Labor Day sale takes $400 off the normal price of the 256GB Galaxy Z Flip 5 when you activate a new AT&T line through Best Buy, making it just $599.

The same deal also applies to the 512GB model, as well, taking that price down to an unheard-of $719. But here's the crazy thing: you won't find this on the main store listing. Instead, you'll need to select the see details link right next to the price. This page will give you all of Best Buy's activate today deals, including the amazing secret AT&T deal.

If you're not looking to switch to AT&T — or just don't want a new line — never fear because the unlocked model is $300 during this same sale. Just select the amount of storage you want and hit that order button on the Best Buy website!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 256GB: $999 from $599 at Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 256GB: $999 from $599 at Best Buy

Get the latest in foldable phone technology for a lot less at Best Buy, thanks to this amazing pre-Labor Day sale. The Galaxy Z Flip 5 hasn't even been out for a month, meaning you're getting one of Samsung's best phones at a massive discount.

There's little doubt you already know the virtues of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 — it's widely considered the best foldable phone available today — and there are many reasons to choose it over a more traditional phone like the Galaxy S23.

Small phone lovers will marvel at the pocketability of this phone. The new larger cover display makes it possible to use full apps without even having to flip open the phone. That's perfect for one-handed use and even being able to respond to messages when your phone is on a table or desk.

And it's really easy to appreciate all the work Samsung put into slimming the phone down this year when it's in a pocket. The Z Flip 5 closes completely flat this year, making it 2mm thinner overall than last year's Z Flip 4.

And unlike most other Flip-style phones, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 sports the latest cutting-edge processor from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. This processor handles anything you can throw at it — console-quality games included — and sips the battery a lot better than last year's phone.

Plus, at $300 or $400 off, it's easy to choose between the Motorola Razr Plus and Galaxy Z Flip 5 since Samsung's phone is both cheaper and supported for longer, as Samsung promises a whopping four years of major Android updates and five total years of security patches.

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