Samsung reportedly wants to produce affordable folding phones

The power menu on the Galaxy Z Flip 5
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What you need to know

  • Samsung is rumored to bring an affordable Galaxy foldable phone.
  • It is likely to target the mid-range segment and could see the light of day in 2024.
  • It is still unclear whether it is a clamshell or book-style foldable device.

Samsung has been making excellent foldable phones for quite a while now, from clamshell to book-style phones. Amid a steady increase in sales, Samsung is rumored to make an affordable foldable phone to differ from the current ones settled in a higher price tier.

The information comes from TrendForce in its latest report regarding trends in the global smartphone market. According to the report, foldable phones are expected to be the lifeline for the declining global smartphone market. We have seen the increasing trend of foldables globally thanks to new OEMs like OnePlus and Google venturing into the foldables market with their OnePlus Open and Pixel Fold.

For context, we have seen at least 13 new foldable phones in the last three months, with plenty of new players joining the bandwagon, TrendForce notes. As mentioned earlier, the price barrier has been the key aspect of foldable phones aside from the innovative functionality that such phones bring to the table. To address this very concern, Samsung might be gearing up to launch a cheaper foldable for consumers to join the foldable phone club.

TrendForce hints that we might be seeing mid-range Galaxy foldable phones catered to users who are on a budget yet want to enjoy the uniqueness foldable phones add to their smartphone experience. If the report is accurate, we might be seeing the handset somewhere in 2024. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 outdoors with the cover screen on

(Image credit: Derrek Lee / Android Central)

It is still unclear what the device will look like, whether it's a clamshell phone or a book-style foldable handset. Going by the current lineup, it is safer to assume that it could be on the likes of Galaxy Z Flip 5 since it is cheaper than most book-style foldables. 

A rumor from SamMobile implies that it could be a Fan Edition foldable phone as the existing devices like the recent Galaxy S23 FE, which is a toned version of the Galaxy S23 series. All said, it is still a speculation at this point, and very little is known about it. If you are waiting for a cheaper foldable phone, look for upcoming smartphone Black Friday deals on current clamshell phones that could cost a few bucks less.

This wouldn't be the first time we have heard about Samsung looking into cheaper foldables. Samsung hasn't completely shot down the idea of a Galaxy Z Fold FE, saying it would like to bring cheaper foldables once the company feels it has "perfected" the experience. Even so, an affordable Galaxy Z Flip FE would be a great addition to take on phones such as the Motorola Razr (2023).

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