Latest Android 15 Beta brings Repair mode to the OnePlus 12

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What you need to know

  • OnePlus found testing a new repair mode on its latest flagship.
  • The recent Android 15 beta has introduced the feature on the OnePlus 12.
  • The official rollout of the feature is expected with OxygenOS 15 later this year.

Repair mode is an essential feature for phones that will help users hide their data whenever they send their devices to service centers for repair. The latest Android 15 beta has enabled the feature for the flagship OnePlus 12.

As noted by Android Authority, the OnePlus 12, which received the first Android 15 beta alongside the OnePlus Open, has now gained a new Repair mode feature on the flagship phone. It is similar to the Repair mode on Pixel devices, next to Maintenance Mode on Samsung phones.

The first Android 15 beta users on the OnePlus 12 can head over to the device’s Settings> System & updates> Repair mode, which can be seen right under the Developer Options.

According to the publication's screenshots, the Repair mode can be enabled before users take their flagship for repair, and they can hide their personal information, including photos, videos, contacts, SMS messages, and chats.

However, repair personnel can use essential functions required for troubleshooting, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data, and phone calls. OnePlus 12 users are still advised to back up their phones before entering repair mode. 

Strong Lock screen password is another parameter that the flagship phone owners should be aware of before submitting their device to the personnel via repair mode. Overall, the functionality certainly adds privacy when submitting devices to repair personnel.

As mentioned, the instructions are similar to those on Pixel and Galaxy phones. While the former opts for Dynamic System Updates, the latter allows users to create a new profile. Samsung was one of the first OEM makers to introduce a Maintenance mode in OneUI 5.0 (Android 13-based). Google picked up the Repair mode in Android 14 back in December 2023.

While it is encouraging to see OnePlus opting for Repair mode in the latest Android 15 beta, Android Authority notes that there’s a catch with the approach on the OnePlus 12. In Galaxy and Pixel phones, the respective repair mode takes the device to the home screen.

In the OnePlus 12’s case, the repair mode brings the device to a phone setup stage wherein users have to follow a process similar to setting up a new device. While users can still skip these steps, it still takes some time compared to the aforementioned process.

Since it is the first time that OnePlus is bringing a Repair mode in the first Android 15 beta, it is still likely in the testing phase, and it presumably would be hassle-free when the rollout happens officially with the OxygenOS 15 later this year.

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