Google pokes fun at Apple in cute Pixel ad campaign

Google's #BestPhonesForever campaign, highlighting differences between the Pixel and the iPhone 14 series.
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What you need to know

  • Google's new #BestPhonesForever highlights the differences between its Pixel 7 series and the latest iPhone 14 series.
  • Google highlights its ability to unblur photos, capture the night sky, and even its free VPN service to Pixel 7 owners.
  • The company also shows off its new Pixel Fold, a form factor Apple has yet to adopt.

Google woke up ready today as the company started a new campaign to raise awareness about the difference between Pixels and iPhones. The company launched a new #BestPhonesForever campaign on Wednesday, with several videos to go along with it. In the series of five videos, we follow the friendship of a Google Pixel 7 Pro and last year's iPhone 14 Pro

The two are simply living life, albeit with a spoonful of shade. One video highlights the things the Pixel can do that the iPhone wishes it could, with the Pixel 7 Pro at one point saying, "I can unblur your photos for you. We don't have to tell anyone," when the iPhone shows admiration for its sharp photos. Google also takes a small jab at Apple over its blue bubbles for text messaging, reminding us about the company's unwillingness to incorporate RCS chats.

The videos highlight various features that the Pixel holds over the iPhone. Google even teases Apple's continues use of the Lightning port, although that might soon change to USB-C after the EU's order rolls through.

The videos are actually pretty amusing to watch, although they're undoubtedly going to add fuel to the iOS vs. Android wars that have raged on since the beginning of time.

Google also pokes fun at Apple's lack of a foldable phone, after having just launched itself with the new Pixel Fold. The Fold quite literally flashed the iPhone after asking if it noticed anything different about the phone.

You can watch the full campaign series of #BestFriendsForever on the MadeByGoogle and Google Pixel YouTube channels, as well as the company's Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook pages.

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  • Jeremy8000
    These videos had me laughing and nodding in knowing agreement from start to finish - brilliant, unadulterated chutzpah, and kudos to Google's marketing team both for whoever came up with the idea and managed to get it approved!