The Galaxy S23 series has started receiving the May 2023 update

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What you need to know

  • The Galaxy S23 series has started to receive the May 2023 security patch a week after the Galaxy A10e in Korea.
  • The patch, at 350MB, brings in 70 security flaw fixes, with 56 labeled as "high" priority.
  • A few fixes are in regard to Shannon-based Exynos CP chipsets, hopefully removing the ability for an attacker to gain memory access.

Samsung is beginning to make its latest security patch rounds to its latest flagship series release.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, S23+, and S23 have started to catch the May 2023 security patch per SamMobile. Currently, the update has been spotted rolling out for Galaxy S23 series owners in Europe with version number S91xBXXS1AWD1. The update file size is around 350MB, as well.

Some patience will be needed as it makes its way around the world, as always. In the meantime, Samsung posted the patch notes of the fixed security flaws in full, as usual. The Korean OEM notes 70 security flaws fixes in total for the current month's patch. There are 56 "high" priority fixes included with this patch; four of them are critical, with two of those applying to Galaxy devices, specifically.

A few fixes have rolled in regarding Shannon-based Exynos CP chipsets in Galaxy devices. The patch aims to correct "invalid memory access" for potential attackers if they're able to wiggle into your device. Back in April, that security patch contained additional fixes for Exynos modems and chipsets on top of the fixes that rolled through during the March update.

SamMobile notes that the May update might include some camera improvements, although given the file size, it seems unlikely. The April 2023 security patch came with a massive camera patch for the Galaxy S23 series. However, it seems it may not have fixed some other problems, such as the banana-like blur some users experienced when taking photos.

Surprisingly, the Galaxy A10e, which was released in 2019, started receiving the May 2023 patch earlier last week in South Korea. Users of that device will find firmware version A102NKOS3CWD1. Owners of this device should begin to catch the update, as well, as time moves forward.

As more regions begin receiving the May 2023 security patch, if curiosity about your device's update reception creeps up, you can manually check by heading into your Settings > Software update > Download and Install.

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