The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is still on sale for the lowest price ever on Prime Day

Putting the folded Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in a shorts pocket
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Big screen phones are great until you try to use them with one hand. That's what makes the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 so great, though! You can fold it in half and easily use it with one hand, or unfold it and use the giant screen inside any time you want. Better yet, it's an astounding $710 off the normal price for Prime Day, making this the lowest price we've ever seen at Amazon for an unlocked Z Fold 3.

There's nothing quite like unfolding your phone to reveal a tablet-sized 7.6-inch display inside, complete with a hidden under-display selfie camera that's great for meetings and other video calls. Because it's got such a large screen, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a joy to use for reading, writing, or playing video games.

When that display becomes too unwieldy, just fold it closed and get a slim 6.2-inch display that's surprisingly easy to use in one hand thanks to Samsung's design. Even the cameras around back are generally great, packing in a triple-camera array with a 2x zoom lens, main camera, and an ultra-wide camera.

Like the phone, this deal is larger than life

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: $1,799 $1,089 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: $1,799 $1,089 at Amazon
Feel the future in the palm of your hand with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, a phone that unfolds into a tablet-sized form factor.

But that big screen isn't just good for consuming media. It's also great for business and art thanks to the Galaxy Z Fold 3's ability to use the famed S Pen. You'll need to pick up a special S Pen for the Fold 3 separately — one that works specifically with the Z Fold 3's special foldable glass — to make the magic happen.

You'll be blown away by how authentic it feels to write on the Z Fold 3's big display with an equally large (and comfortable) S Pen. It's really something that needs to be used to fully appreciate, and it puts past Galaxy Note phones to shame thanks to the sheer size of the phone.

If that wasn't enough, Samsung's excellent software makes multitasking a breeze with a dedicated taskbar like you'll see on a PC. Drag an icon to any corner of the screen to enable split-screen mode, or just float any window anywhere you'd like. The Galaxy Z Fold 3's powerful processor handles it like it's no big deal.

Ready to experience the future? The Z Fold 3 is waiting.

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