Does the OnePlus 12 support wireless charging?

Wireless charging, OnePlus 12 back against colorful background
OnePlus 12 wireless charging supports up to 50W (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

Does the OnePlus 12 support wireless charging?

Yes, The OnePlus 12 supports wireless charging speeds up to 50W using the AirVOOC standard. With a 50W AirVOOC charger, the phone can be fully charged wirelessly in an hour. The OnePlus 12 also supports Qi wireless charging, though at a much lower speed.

Ultra-fast wireless charging with AirVOOC

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The OnePlus 12 is a powerful phone with an excellent display, cameras, and some of the fastest charging we’ve seen. With support for 100W charging using a USB-C cable with the international model and 80W in the U.S., this phone has charging speeds that rival laptops. That trend continues with wireless charging as well, with up to 50W of wireless charging using an AirVOOC charging pad.

To put that into perspective, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra supports 15W wireless charging using the Qi standard. When it comes to the cheaper OnePlus 12R, wireless charging isn’t supported, so if you’re not willing to plug in, the more expensive model may be worth the upgrade.

To achieve these speeds, you’ll need an AirVOOC charger, such as the OnePlus Warp Charge. This charger is designed specifically to handle these speeds with air cooling to keep the pad and your phone cool while charging at these high speeds. That’s in addition to the phone’s own cooling system using two vapor chambers and two smaller batteries instead of one. The wireless charger does support a quieter mode at night to keep noise levels low when fast charging isn’t necessary. Of course, the wireless charger will need a powerful USB-C charger with at least 65W of power or an 80W SuperVOOC, like the one that comes with the phone.

The OnePlus 12 also supports reverse wireless charging at up to 10W, so you can share power from the OnePlus 12’s larger 5,400mAh battery pack with other devices. This can be great for giving your friend’s phone a little boost or charging your wireless earbuds or smartwatch. Most other Android phones with reverse wireless charging stick to around 4.5W, including Samsung’s Galaxy S24 phones and the Google Pixel 8 series. If you frequently need portable power for your tech, however, picking up one of the best USB-C power banks is a better option that won’t drain your phone’s battery.

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