Best Buy's epic weekend sale carves $300 off the Google Pixel 7 Pro — act fast

Google Pixel 7 Pro camera bar side view against green and gold background

If you were waiting for a great Google Pixel 7 Pro deal, this might be it. As part of its sitewide weekend sale, Best Buy is slashing $300 off the price of the Google Pixel 7 Pro, knocking the price of the unlocked phone down to $599. You'll also get a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and three months of YouTube Premium, all alongside a capable Pixel smartphone that takes solid pictures and videos. From its color-packed 120Hz AMOLED display to its high-performance Tensor G2 chipset and 128 GB of storage, this phone offers a seamless Pixel experience perfect for those who don't necessarily need the latest generation.

However, it is worth noting that this phone doesn't include a charger in the box, and some have criticized the volume of its onboard speakers. Still, the Google Pixel 7 Pro is a pretty decent last-generation smartphone — especially at this low price.

Google Pixel 7 Pro:$899.00$599 at Best Buy

Google Pixel 7 Pro: $899.00 $599 at Best Buy

Despite its age, the Google Pixel 7 Pro is a solid pick for those wanting a nice display and strong photo- and video-taking abilities. At $300 off of its original price at Best Buy, this smartphone deal makes the Pixel 8 Pro predecessor look pretty impressive, even without all the newest bells and whistles.

Get 128 GB of storage, 12 GB of RAM, and the Tensor G2 chipset for strong performance on most apps. While it isn't a perfect gaming device and doesn't have the best phone speakers on the market, it does boast a vibrant 120Hz AMOLED display and a sleek Pixel design.

As you can see in our price comparison below, it is worth noting that one Amazon merchant is discounting the unlocked phone even more. But if buying a smartphone from a third-party seller makes you uneasy, this Best Buy deal is the way to go. 

Price comparison: Amazon - $526.90 | Google - $899.00

Recommended if: you're looking for a colorful AMOLED screen on your smartphone; you like other Pixel phones but prefer a slightly larger size; you use your phone for taking photos and videos.

Skip this deal if: you're buying a phone specifically for high-performance gaming purposes; you're looking for a phone with loud built-in speakers; you have a hard time holding larger phones in one hand.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro builds on even earlier Pixel generations in some of the most important areas, like its camera hardware and in-screen sensor. And while it isn't unlike past Pixels on the hardware front, it's rocking the smooth Android 13 and features 128 GB of storage, 12 GB of RAM, and a 120Hz AMOLED screen that make this phone an old fan favorite.

Those who are looking for one of the best Android phones out there (but don't mind looking to an old generation to save a few bucks) will appreciate this deal. But be warned, the Google Pixel 7 Pro doesn't exactly stand out when it comes to its built-in speakers, its in-hand comfort, or even its inclusion of a charger.

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