Phablets replacing tablets for mobile web usage, according to Adobe

Adobe has published a new report on the continued growth of mobile usage around the world, particularly when it comes to web access. The report, which highlights the fact that though mobile web access is rising, the use of tablets is actually shrinking, with customers instead opting for so-called "phablets," large-screen phones like the Nexus 6P.

From Adobe:

"There was a time when tablet browsing surpassed smartphone browsing, and that trajectory was expected to continue," said Tamara Gaffney, principal at ADI. "Since then, however, browsing growth by these devices has decreased significantly, and we think this is mainly because smartphone screens are getting bigger. Now, instead of buying both a smartphone and a tablet, people are opting for 'phablets' and relying on just this one device—with a larger screen—for all of their browsing."

In 14 of the 17 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa that Adobe analyzed, mobile web usage grew by 30 percent or more over the course of 2015. All 17 countries saw growth of at least 22 percent.

Mobile is growing even faster in Asia-Pacific countries and the Americas. The nine countries Adobe looked at for its report saw growth of at least 28 percent. China, in particular, saw 50 percent growth in mobile usage, while also seeing a large decrease in tablet usage.

Source: Adobe