Outfit your home with a brand new Amazon Echo Dot smart device for as little as $25

Echo Dots
Echo Dots (Image credit: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central)

We're always on top of the best Amazon Echo deals, and today Amazon is having a huge sale on multiple generations of the Echo Dot. If you've never bought an Echo Dot before, this sale is the perfect time to get one because the prices have never been lower. If you're already a part of the Amazon ecosystem, make sure every room has one with this sale. You can get the 3rd-gen Echo Dot for as little as $24.99. That's $5 better than last month's sale and within a few bucks of its best price ever.

If you want one of Amazon's newest devices, the 4th-gen Echo Dot is just $5 more at $29.99, which is $20 off its regular price. The kids' version of the Echo Dot is on sale as well, going for $39.99 instead of $60. You can get that deal with either the Panda or Tiger print. Or go for the regular version with an LED clock built in, which has also dropped to $39.99 from $60 and comes in both Glacier White and Twilight Blue.

The 3rd-gen Echo Dot is down to $25. You can also get the new 4th-gen Echo Dot for $30, the version with an LED clock for just $10 more, or even the kids edition on sale for $40. Some of these deals are even better than a sale Amazon had in March.

The Echo Dot is a great piece of smart tech. Both the 3rd and 4th generations have a design that's meant to fit just about anywhere. Even with the 4th-gen's new ball-like form factor, it has a flat bottom that lets it sit easily whereever you choose to put it. Both versions give you powerful speakers that can play music and provide rich, high-quality sound that cna fill a room. Read more about Amazon's newest Echo Dot speakers.

Plus they're both ready with Amazon Alexa built right in. You can ask her to stream music from your favorite platforms. She can also tell you the news or the weather or make fart noises for you if you ask the right question (as my son has recently discovered). You can even customize what Alexa can or cannot do with skills that you add on your own. Some of these will be necessary if you have other smart devices from other brands but most are optional, fun things you can add.

Of course Alexa is the main selling point of the Echo Dot because she adds a whole lot of control to your smart home, but she doesn't have to be on all the time. There are a ton of privacy controls you can set up if you desire, and there's even an easy to hit mic off button that will ensure Alexa is no longer listening if you don't want her to.

The version designed for kids adds a year of Amazon Kids+ with access to Audible books, games, and more. It also has great parental controls so you can determine the content your kids are accessing.

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