Recently announced from OtterBox, the Symmetry Series Case for Galaxy S6 edge sports excellent protection against drops in a slim form factor. But, does its smooth finish leave us even more paranoid of dropping our device than before? We want to say no, but our hands say yes. Hit the break for the complete lowdown.

It seems as though OtterBox has decided to limit their line of cases for the Galaxy S6 edge to the one and only Symmetry Case; a one-piece design that combines a synthetic rubber with a durable polycarbonate shell. And, unlike their Defender and Commuter series, it's surprisingly slim and lightweight — which we're fans of. The beveled edges are where you'll find that easy-grip rubber that extends around the ports of the Galaxy S6 edge, as well as the side buttons. When facing your screen down on any surface, the edges keep the device raised enough to prevent any scratching or scuffing. It's also the ideal position for keeping your Galaxy S6 edge from sliding around, because the back certainly won't save you there.

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The Symmetry Case's exterior texture is minimal, which is great going in and out of pockets, but feels questionable simply holding it. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge's curved display adds a unique grip over the regular S6, without question — but not raising the texture on this case makes it seem more slippery than it is naked. The synthetic rubber edging helps a bit, and may be this case's only saving grace as far as grip is concerned. The bezel around the camera and heart rate sensor features a glossy finish that complements the case's design perfectly, though.

The case as a whole is really quite flexible, making installation and removal quick and simple. The synthetic rubber is also the star of the interior, featuring symmetrical patterns that keep the Galaxy S6 edge elevated from the plastic exterior — undoubtedly assisting in shock absorption as well. We tried out the OtterBox Symmetry Case with a few different wireless charging pads — having 100% success — not too surprising considering its all-in-one, slim design.

The skinny

There's no question whether the OtterBox Symmetry Case will keep the Galaxy S6 edge safe from scratches and impacts. What's worrisome is that super-slick back, adding an unnecessary risk of dropping the device. Textures are different for everyone, and we're not saying that this feature alone makes the case unusable — just be mindful. Diehard OtterBox fans should love this case for its incredibly slim form and solid structure. For $39.99, make yourself a proud new owner of one.

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