OnVocal is bringing Amazon Alexa to your phone in January

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant technology can be found in several different Echo products, Fire tablets and hotel rooms. Coming in January, you can add your phone to that list for $400.

OnVocal has announced its wireless headset today that not only does the things any other Bluetooth headset can do through Assistant or Siri when paired with your phone but also brings the power of Amazon's Alexa through your phone's Wi-Fi or LTE connection. The video demonstration (see it in the link below) shows a wide array of smart Alexa skills like closing the garage door, listening to Amazon Music and ordering a pizza from Domino's.

OnVocal has the OV headset up for pre-order right now in black for $399. It's currently for U.S. residents only, and shipments begin on January 10 of next year.

For folks who prefer Alexa to Google Assistant, this could be what you've been looking for.

See more at OnVocal.com{.large .cta}

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • For $400 ...lol
  • Even at $200.00 it's still over priced.
  • Dead in the water at that price. Seriously, who thought that was a viable cost??
  • Whoever priced these things needs to put down the pipe, their lips are blistered.
  • Did they borrow your pipe Kevin? I mean, you must be smoking something, right? To spend months telling everyone how sh*t the Pixel is and then go out and BUY ONE, is the actions of someone that's been smoking crack. Why DID you buy a phone that's rubbish according to you? Youre either on drugs, a troll, or just dumb. Actually, I'm pretty sure you're all three. Enjoy everybody laughing at you Kevin - your utter stupidity has made you look a complete fool.
  • It is actually gold plated wires just like Monster Cables.
  • That is a pair of REALLY expensive in-ear headphones plus the price of a full Amazon Echo. What on Earth...
  • For $400, I'll gladly close your garage door and order you a pizza... which might arrive half eaten. May be a bargain after all.
  • Charging the price of a phone for a headset that doesn't do much that Assistant or Siri can't do. What did they think was the value proposition or USP here?!?