Can't surf with a raincheck

 A long time ago, in a Kmart far, far away

Looks like my quest for an Augen Gentouch 78 tablet will end in failure.  Word is that Kmart has halted sales of this jewel mediocre tablet, possibly because of the big ugly Android Market SNAFU,  or the huge number of returns, or maybe because there's a global Kmart plot to keep one out of my hands.  Anyhoo, reports are in from those who ordered online that the orders are canceled, and after endlessly bothering my local Kmart, I was told that all orders for the tablet are to be filled with either an even lower spec Augen Android netbook, or the Augen 7" eReader running some ARM variant of Linux.  I guess it just wasn't meant to be, and I'll have to wait for the next mythical Android tablet.  []