Nexus S -- Nenamark score  Nexus S -- Quadrant

Take the Nexus S, add a little whiskey (Team Whiskey that is) to the kernel, and you get a step closer to warp speed on your phone.  On the left is the outcome of a Nenamark benchmark run, and to the right is our old friend Quadrant, minus the graphics scores to quell any cries of tomfoolery.  All because Team Whiskey cranked out the first 1.2GHz overclocked kernel for the Nexus S, and even the beta tests are blazing fast.  Bluetooth hasn't been worked out yet, but everything else runs awfully darn well, and it's as easy as flashing from Clockwork recovery or Rom Manager.

Real world usage?  It's fast.  If things like this are part of the reason you bought the Nexus S, hit the source link and give it a try.  [XDA-Developers]