About a year ago News360 for tablets came on to the Android scene, and ushered in the era of personalized news feeds in an aggregator that looked as good as it worked. Today, they have upped the ante with an all new UI that not only makes everything more intuitive, but looks even better.

At it's core, it's still the same app you've been using. You can set up customized feeds from over 20,000 different sources, or use your own Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, or Google Reader account to tailor what you see. The app then presents the feeds in a Web 2.0-esque block layout, or you can switch to a column view if that's what you prefer. Navigation is as easy as swiping and tapping, and the whole app is fluid and responsive. Instapaper and Pocket are integrated, as well as offline page saving in the News360 app itself.

What's really cool is how you can dive deep into a category and tailor the feed more to your liking. Want to follow the gadgets feed, but not interested in televisions? Edit the feed and uncheck TVs, and you're good to go. Your Google+ "feed" and Google Reader account work the same way -- they're parsed, and broken into subcategories -- like psychedelic music or cameras. Mix and match to get exactly what you're looking for. Finally, News360 analyzes your viewing, and can help promote and recommend things you'll want to see based on things you've already looked at. We love it when apps do all the hard work.

Yes, there are plenty of news aggregators for Android out there. Some even look as good as News360, but if you're the kind who wants to get under the hood and tailor things exactly the way you like, News360 is one you want to have a look at. Grab it from Google Play, and check out the video and gallery after the break.