New Verizon Motorola DROID Ads Pop Up

Continuing the ad onslaught of Verizon and the Motorola DROID, we have three new commercials that actually show the DROID in action, well, sort of. It still maintains the 'droid' theme so it's really a robot arm using the DROID but hey, the original iDon't spot and the 'Stealth' ad were mere teasers for the DROID, these new spots actually showcase some functionality!

To no one's surprise, the ads focus on the strengths of the DROID: Android, the browser, Google Maps Navigation, and of course 'Does'. Mix in some bravado and robots and that's the overall feel of the commercials. Verizon isn't holding back any punches, even going as far as claiming they made a 'robot-phone' instead of a smartphone. Hit the jump to see the other DROID commercials!

What do you guys think?

Casey Chan