New device renders show off the Motorola Cliq 2

Fans of the Motorola Cliq (there are a few, I know it!) now have something to look forward to if you were wondering if there ever would be a second generation of the device. New renders have popped up showing off the Motorola Cliq 2, which is expected to launch at CES with a release shortly after. The device itself doesn't stray too far off from the original when it comes to specs, meaning it's nice but nothing to write home about:

  • Full QWERTY slide out keyboard
  • 5MP camera with LED Flash
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Wi-Fi B/G/N
  • aGPS

It's also been mentioned that Wi-Fi calling may be in the cards as well as a new version of MotoBlur to run it all. No confirmation on what Android OS it will be running, but if we had to take a guess, we'd give it FroYo out the gates with an update possible later. That "Honeycomb" keyboard is rather misleading, we think. [CellPhoneSignal]

  • The two people I knew with a Cliq hated it so I'm surprised another version is being released.
  • That keyboard is funky!
  • and who is that crazy to get tortured this way again.
  • Reminds me of all the phones that just came out for att that were moto
  • Blah nothin here to see
  • Hated my Cliq. My brother hates his Cliq. Why would you make a second? For the oblivious to grow to hate?
  • Let me guess, it's coming to t-mobile also so they can continue to offer up crappy low end phones. Nothing against low end phones, heck I like the optimus, but at least that's a pretty good phone... This and the first cliq absolutely blow ..
  • that tmo specialty
  • My Cliq was a complete P.O.S. Got mine back in december of 2009. didnt even last to october of this year before I was done dealing with it. Pissed me off so much i went and got a mytouch 3g off ebay with the $90 i had. (shoudla got the mytouch from the start last year) I no longer trust Motorola. I'm sticking to HTC or Samsung
  • Is it just me, or does these Cliqs look so silly?
  • They better skip shipping to Canada, Motorola sucks for us up here.
  • they suck down here too, unless you're on verizon. i wish i knew why in god name does tmo keep accepting these low end phones.
  • is that a three row keyboard lol like my lg rumor lik 4 or 5 years ago
  • My husband has the cliq and loves it. That could be be ause he's use to flip phones.
  • I still remember how close I was to getting the first Cliq. The Nexus One rumors were surfacing about the same time. Lord did I make the right decision.
  • I see an awful lot of wasted keyboard space.............
    Another funky mid-tiered Android phone from Moto.
    If it didn't say T-Mo, I would've sworn it was headed to AT&T. XD
  • Boy I sure did enjoy the underpowered hardware and bloated, slow as hell software of the first Cliq. Lets do it again! Motorola Cliq 2: Masochism in a little plastic box.
  • This >>> "Motorola Cliq 2: Masochism in a little plastic box." LOL.
    I still have mine...upgraded it to 2.1 after Motorola released it 9 months later than they said they would (after phones were already on 2.2).
    Once a Motoblur sync starts happening, the thing just locks up for a good few minutes while Android tries to free up as much memory as it can (phone doesn't have enough).
    The hardware itself isn't bad...the audio out of the 3.5mm jack is better than the HTC Eris' and the speakerphone's noise cancellation works decently well. Software is terrible though.
    Holding out for a few more months for a Tegra 2 phone... ;-)
  • Looks like Spiderman blew a wad (of webbing) on that keyboard.