Motorola's stepping into the VR space with its 'Virtual Viewer' Moto Mod

Motorola's dipped its toes in just about every niche possible with its Moto Mods. We've seen a projector, Polaroid printer, battery packs, game pads, and more, and it looks like Motorola's next step will be into the world of VR.

Courtesy of Evan Blass, we have a picture of Motorola's upcoming "Virtual Viewer" Moto Mod. Blass doesn't share any details in regards to how the Virtual Viewer will work, but it looks like you'll connect your Moto Z device to the inside so you can consume VR content.

Did anyone ask for this?

The Virtual Viewer closely resembles Google's Daydream View headset, but the main difference is that the Daydream View can be used with any Daydream-compatible Android phone — not just ones under the Moto Z umbrella.

Motorola's Virtual Viewer does have a cutout for the rear camera sensor, and while this could suggest Motorola will add some sort of augmented reality feature on top of the regular VR content, it could also just be a design thing.

We don't have any word on pricing or availability just yet, but assuming this is just a headset for Daydream, I can't see myself recommending this to anyone. Why purchase a headset that's limited to just the Moto Z when you could get similar functionality from another one that works with virtually every Android flagship?

If you're a Moto Z owner, is this something you'd be interested in?

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Joe Maring

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