Motorola Releases Motorola CLIQ Promo Video

Motorola has just released a promotional video detailing the unique functions and features of the Motorola CLIQ. Though we don't really learn anything new (we've already known the CLIQ was going to be social network heavy), it's nice to see the entire feature set fall into place.

Though the heavy social networking emphasis may not apply to all Android users, we at Android Central love that Motorola has taken Android in a completely new direction. This is where the uniqueness of Android shines best--Android can be taken in whichever direction deemed necessary, thus fulfilling whatever need a user feels fits best.

What do you guys think?

  • i really think about getting this phone
    i looks great, seems to be good finished and a keyboard is very helpful.
    im not such a big fan of social networks but it won't do any harm to have it :) i think and hope that this can rescue motorola from their difficult situation.
  • i don't like motorola, but this one is great
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