Logitech's Harmony Elite Remote Control is one of the most advanced remotes out there. Not only does it combine your existing remotes into one, but it also adds a ton of extra functionality that you won't find in most others, and today only you can snag one for just $152.99 at Woot in factory refurbished condition. While it won't be brand new, these have been tested and ensured to be in working condition directly by Logitech. Plus, if you have any issues with the remote you receive, you're covered by a 90-day Logitech warranty. Woot charges $6 for shipping, but you can score free shipping by logging in with your Amazon Prime account.

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Logitech Harmony Elite remote control and hub

These days we all have lots of connected devices which means that there are likely a ton of remotes taking over your house. Why not consolidate them into one? This all-in-one remote control can tame up to 15 entertainment and connected home devices.

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The Harmony Elite kit has an all-in-one remote control that can tame up to 15 entertainment and connected home devices, featuring a full-color touchscreen with the ability to easily swipe and tap to control channels, adjust volume, personalize your favorites, and communicate with smart home devices. You can set up one-touch activities like "Watch a Movie" to power on and off and switch between the right devices. You can also download the Harmony app and use your smartphone or tablet as a universal remote.

It's also Alexa compatible, which means you can use Alexa voice commands to do multiple activities on the remote at once, like turn on the TV, change the input, turn on the DVD player, and even change the colors of your lights with just one phrase, though you'll need a device like the Echo Dot speaker to do so. It can be controlled through closed cabinets thanks to its IR mini-blasters, and the included charging station means that you won't have to worry about swapping out batteries. This has sold for as much as $350 in the past but more often sells for around $250 on average at Amazon these days.

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