Latest Pocket Casts update lets you get social with podcasts

While listening to your chosen podcasts on the move, being social with others is among the least of your concerns, especially with headphones blocking outside sound. Shifty Jelly, the developer of Pocket Casts, has released an update to help make it easier to discover new content and see what other users of the app are listening to.

The new feature, called Nearby for Pocket Casts, adds a new tab in Discover to locate nearby Android Pocket Casts users to see what they're currently listening to. It's possible to subscribe and share your own subscriptions, adding new ways to discover new podcasts you may never have found otherwise. With the latest update, you'll now be able to find out what friends and classmates enjoy.

As well as the new Nearby feature, the Shifty Jelly team also applied some fixes:

  • Animation issues with the play/pause button in the mini player
  • You can now download an episode that is streaming from the episode overflow menu
  • Fixed issue with grid and missing artwork
  • Download issues

Download the latest version of Pocket Casts from the Google Play Store.

Source: Shifty Jelly

Rich Edmonds