Late-night poll: Are you switching from Verizon after the news about shared data?

Pretty specific poll here tonight, but it had to be done. A lot of people are pretty unhappy about it, and it's a hot topic for discussion. Of course I'm talking about Verizon's newly-announced shared data bucket plans. I'll still agree with Phil that it's something we should have expected eventually, but that does little to soften the blow for most folks. Let's cut right to the chase -- if you're a Verizon customer, after this week's reveal of the new plans are you staying or leaving?

Take the poll, let's hear it.

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  • Yeah, but considering my contract just started in December it probably won't be for a while. I'm thinking my next carrier will be whatever network the next Nexus will run on.
  • ditto
  • everypne is freaking out but i dont think its that horrible. right now i pay $80 a month for my sprint gnex and $110 a month for the wifes att iPhone. for $70+$40+$40 i can get both our phones on vzn with 4gb of shared data. thats $75 a piece. thats not that bad
  • How many minutes do you have?
  • I think your calculations are off.... especially in regards to feature equivalence, taxes/fees, etc.
  • The minutes and SMS are unlimited. and there will always be taxes. my sprint bill is $55. But I pay $80 cause of taxes and insurance
  • I agree with you completely. These new plans will actually lower my bill while giving me unlimited minutes. These plans are great for me because I have my Mother and other people that use minimal data so I am not stuck paying for data plans for each. I can get a smaller shared data knowing I am one of the only ones using real amounts of data.
  • As soon as my contract is done, I'm done.
  • There is just no way I can keep 4 smart phones under 10 gbs of data. I use 6-7 alone. I live on the road.
  • I got my 2 year contract this january with my gnex at verizon and was locked in with unlimited data. So as long as i never buy a subsidized phone and pay full retail i can keep my unlimited. If/when my contract is up and they try to take away my unlimited data in 2014 I'll go to sprint unlimited since they are starting their true lte network in 2013. BTW Verizon said, You asked for it and we're giving it to you. Who the F#ck asked for this sh$tty tiered data plan where 1 gb is $50? I nor my friends or family were never given an opinion e-mail or called about shared data and tiers. Nobody on any blogs or forums I've ever read wanted tiered data that could be shared at these minimal levels. This whole tiered data they designed was designed to go over your limit and pay steep penalties for going over. People added up the data and cost of phones and plan and were all paying 50 to 100 dollars more a month.
  • We all knew that tiered data was here for good. Now the prices no one asked for but what we did ask for was for Verizon to let us use the data any way we wanted not just for the phone but to be able to share it like the phone is able to without Verizon caring. Verizon shouldn't care because we are paying for the amount that we are using and now doesn't. We all would like lower prices but that isn't going to happen any time soon unless we move to a MVNO but who has quality and speed like Verizon?
  • "We all would like lower prices but that isn't going to happen any time soon unless we move to a MVNO but who has quality and speed like Verizon?" This is the equivalent to saying "they are the biggest player in the prisonyard so don't forget the astroglide!"
  • You're delusional. People that frequent forums like this are in the minority. Verizon has over 100 million customers. I'm sure they did their research on this. In regards to them creating this to boost overage charges, for as long as I can remember Verizon allows you to change your plan in the middle of a cycle. Kepp tabs on your usage. If you're gonna go over, 2 gigs is an extra $10/month. Not a bad deal, if you ask me. Move up for the month that your usage was heavy, and as soon as you get your confirmation that your backdated plan change was successful, go right back in and future date one for your cycle to move back down to your previous plan. I don't get and will never get the sense of entitlement in this world.
  • to bad if you change you plan in the middle of it you get charged pro rated amounts, and if you back date the plan you get hit with last month new plan and a pro rate for the next month believe me they aren't doing you any favors. the only way to avoid pro rated amounts is if you post date the new plan.
  • I don't want to burst your bubble, but you're so far off base, it's like you're in the parking garage next to the stadium. When you backdate all you pay on your next bill is the difference from your old plan to your new plan, so if you go up 2 GB you're paying that extra $10.00. No proration. You get the full allowance of the higher data plan. Then, if you future date to your old plan again, you get the full allowance of it, too, with the lower price. Example: I'm on the 6GB plan, that's $80.00. I check my usage 3 days before my bill cycle. Uh-oh...I've used 7GB. I now have 2 options: I can deal with the data overage ($15.00/GB) or I can change my plan. I choose to backdate the 8GB plan for $90.00. As soon as I get my confirmation page, I go back to change plan, select the 6GB for $80.00 to take effect on my next cycle. My next bill shows: -$80.00 6GB Plan for last cycle
    +$90.00 8GB Plan for last cycle (So you're paying $10.00 for the extra 2GB)
    +$80.00 6GB Plan for new cycle Total data section: $90.00 ($80.00 for the 6GB Plan plus the $10.00 charge to have last months 7GB covered) There's no proration, and the "hit" you're taking for last cycle is a whopping $10.00. I wouldn't call it a "favor" I'd call it providing you options. I don't see anything wrong with this picture.
  • However where you are missing is proration comes into effect your second month. Okay so you know you only used teh 7GB plan last month, and you wish to go back to the 6GB plan next month. If you don't call VZW on the exact day your bill switches you are going to see a prorated cost because you are decreasing your data of a few dollars for the 7GB plan you had for maybe a day or two... and then a Prorated 6GB plan the rest of the month. plus besides being prorated, that same 6GB is actually only going to be. 5.86 or less becaue you are not in the full month. Try it some time if you don't beleive me. Been there done that.
  • Hence me saying backdate then as soon as the backdate goes through do the future date. If you do it via My Verizon you just get the confirmation page, go back home, then repeat the process, only choose to future date instead of on demand. If you're calling in to do it, then finish your rate plan change and when they say "anything else" say yep, I need to future date a rate plan change, too. Proration is easily avoided if you do it right. You're right, though - if you backdate and don't immediately future date so that you don't forget, you risk proration.
  • But if you need to do this on a frequent basis, it may just be easier to leave it at the higher data level.
  • Couldn't agree more. Any time I've had to up my plan to avoid overage I keep it that way for 1 extra month just to be sure it's an anomaly and not the new norm.
  • Do you work for Verizon?
  • Exactly. I couldn't agree more. From a business perspective, this makes sense for any carrier offering contract plans. Americans are spoiled in the fact that they get subsidized phones. We've become so used to it that we believe we should get low-price phones AND great deals on plans. So when things like "Shared Everything" show up, people think they're getting ripped off. The choice is low-price phone OR great deal on plan. Can't have your cake and eat it too. Times have change. In the past, people were more concerned with voice. Then it shifted to text. Now it has shifted to data. And the carriers are realizing that. Obviously they are going to charge you for what you use the most, and give away "freebies" of things used less. So charge for data, and let voice and text be free. And as far as polling for the change, what business does that? I don't think any business thinks "Hmm. Let's find out if our customers are 100% OK with this." Doesn't happen. More likely it's "How do we increase profits while retaining most, if not all, our customers, with the least backlash?" A lot of the complaining on here is just silly and self-centric. Talk about greedy...
  • Lol...your last statement makes no sense at all. Of course complaining is self-centric...what do you expect? Should I be advocating for changes that cost me more money to that you can save money? But to answer your question, EVERY good business does that. Presumably, Verizon did a lot of market research before they announced these changes, and they believe that they will accomplish exactly what you said - "How do we increase profits while retaining most, if not all, our customers, with the least backlash?". It's unlikely that they'll change their minds at this point in the process, but it's not impossible - look at BofA and their aborted ATM fee increase last summer. I don't want to lose my unlimited plan, and I'm going to be vocal about that. If enough of us are, they'll realize it's in their best interest to maintain them.
  • What are you talking about? What freebies are they giving you? They're forcing you onto an unlimited talk and text plan even if you don't need those, making you pay more for the higher package. You can't keep your limited minute plan or tiered texts. Furthermore they're charging you for the bucket of minutes then on top of that for the devices to ACCESS those minutes ($40/mo for smartphone..)'s disgusting. The carriers are scared. They're scared of the very devices they sell. Your smartphone can make and receive calls through the Internet, as well as text messages too. It's why at&t got rid of their tiered texting (preventing you from finding that sweet spot) and why Verizon is forcing you on their unlimited plans to go with shared data.
  • Hmmm...sense of entitlement? Who said anything about entitlement? If one company offers a better deal than another, why should we not switch to another? Are there some people who will be able to lower their fees with these new plans? Probably. For others (me, for example) this would cost FAR more, as I have an unlimited plan and I make use of it. So, I'll stay with Verizon as long as I can keep my unlimited plan. If they take it away, I'll go elsewhere. If enough people say the same thing to the folks at Verizon, they might reconsider their policies. Why is trying to convince a company to do something that would be better for me wrong? That's the way a free market works.
  • I'm not referring to those who are going to shop around as feeling entitled. Consumerism is at its best when there are many choices in the market place. The fault in the logic is that the vast majority of the complainers want it all. They want their heavily subsidized phone, they want their unlimited data, and they don't see that the entire marketplace is moving in this direction. Everyone's P/O'd at Verizon because they're the first company to step up and make the change. I think anyone who thinks that there will ALWAYS be an unlimited option is in for heartbreak. Are the plans for everyone? Absolutely not. However, the fact that Verizon is allowing you to stay on the unlimited plan as long as you don't subsidize any equipment is very fair IMO. Do I think there should be an unlimited option? Yes, absolutely. I also believe that said plan should be expensive. $200 for 30GB seems low to me (in regards to the amount of data allocated). I'm not effected by this. I plan to put my 3 smart phones, 1 dumb phone, and Jet Pack on the 10GB plan and when my Jet Pack contract is up, I'm dumping it since I'll now have the ability to use wireless hot spot at no additional charge.
  • The plan you signed up for with the unlimited data plan, also paid for the subsidized portion of the phone, but in the future you will still pay the same amount monthly, but no longer get the subsidized phone, therefore you are getting a lot less value for your money.
  • Me too exactly.
  • So you will leave Verizon with your unlimited data and move to AT&T at a lower amount of data for the same price, which is more expensive overall. Because verizon are trying to move you to a tiered plan? Even though you are being forced to a tiered plan by Verizon, anyway? Sounds crazy to me.
  • Dust.
    If I wasn't still bound by contract I'd get me an EVO4G LTE, immediately ... if not sooner.
  • In 2 years when my contracts up, I'm ditching Verizon. I just hope other carriers don't follow the same path when that time comes.
  • I like the concept, but the pricing is incredulous. Our only hope is that ATT bring some sense back into the equation.
  • Sprint already has. Let's just hope they can ramp up their network improvements quickly.
  • I agree. The only feasible carrier at this point seems to be Sprint.
  • My wife works for Sprint Customer Service (business support). According to everything she's heard internally - especially after the Verizon announcement - there's a real PUSH to get their LTE network going ASAP. Keep in mind she's at the bottom of the ladder and they don't share a lot with the peons... it's just the internal "buzz".
  • AT&T brings sense back into the equation, lol. That will never happen, AT&T will follow suit, they may lower the data plan $5 to try to attract verizon customers, but they will recoup the cost somewhere else, AT&T and Verizon's pricing has always been indistinguishable.
  • Funnies poll ever. "I like voting on things". Seriously though, US customers HAVE TO penalize telecoms by a mass-exit. Just go prepaid for 2-3 months, then you'll get much more acceptable contract conditions.
  • Why not just go pre-paid period? Ting and the T-mobile $30/5GB plan are where it is at. The problem is to get people used to paying for the full price of the phone.
  • I have an upgrade available to me as of the 6th. But after that once my contract is up I will most likely be gone. Really depends on what the other carriers have to offer.
  • I am staying for the time being as I am on contract until Nov 2013 with my HTC Rezound with unlimited data plan. After that I have not decided. Maybe by that time other carriers will shift to share data plans and there will be no incentive to leave.
  • Mark me down as leaving. Running the numbers on my current usage, I can go to Ting and pay $93/month for four lines with 3GB of shared data, compared to $210/month on Verizon (currently with four unlimited lines) or $230/month on Verizon (with 4GB Share Everything). And, living in the boonies, I wouldn't have to trade cost for coverage like I would with Virgin; Ting can roam on Verizon's towers. Sure, the phone selection is a little spartan and full cost, but with $2800 in savings over two years, I think I can pick up a few Conquers and a Epic 4G Touch (currently a pair of Fascinates, a dInc, and a Rezound) and be just dandy. If I wanted to, Ting also has let customers play around with ESN swapping. (I wonder how Sprint feels about that...) Am I leaving immediately? Probably not, even though the savings could pay for the six-month ETF for four lines and *still* come out on top. Is giving up unlimited data going to hurt? Not as much as I thought, with as much WiFi usage as we have, but it'll probably sting in a few years as data usage ramps up. Hopefully we'll have an alternative by then.
  • If you want to go the complicated route, you can look into flashing your phones to work on their network. But that's not for the faint of heart.
  • Unfortunately, the dumbphone most Ting users used to bring over other phones (Sanyo Vero) is discontinued and out of stock. Some have been lucky using the Optimus S to pull the AAA secret key off to get data working, but it's definitely hit and miss (and other phones have either not worked or haven't been tried yet). Also, buying a $170 phone just to bring another phone onto the network is a bit pricey, especially if you want to bring something like the EVO 4G LTE.
  • Fear not on the Ting front. According to the most recent blog post ( Ting seems to be getting the EVO and S3 by the time your contract is up. Be for warned that while voice roams, data does not.
  • I was definitely pleased to see that blog post yesterday; here's to hoping they get some new devices sooner rather than later. And yes, I noticed that the roaming agreement is for voice only, not data. That's a bit of a bummer, but, if it came right down to it, it's a trade-off I can live with.
  • yes.
  • Am I the only one who doesnt think this plan is that bad of a deal? I am on sprint family plan now and costing me $130 for 2 lines with 4G access. If I switch to VZW and get the 1GB bucket it will be the SAME PRICE. Admittedly that might not be enough data so $10 more and we should be just fine. seems worth it to me for the improved service. I hate Sprint's coverage out here, wimax sucks, and true LTE wont be turning on here for some time. So bye bye Sprint. Here I come Verizon and Galaxy S3!
  • I am in agreement with you. I have a Droid Charge and my wife has a flip phone. Combined, we pay $165/month. I get unlimited calling, 250 texts, and 10GB of data (of which, I use ~2 GB) and my wife only get 350 min per month. I have pre-ordered the S3 and I will be giving my wife my Droid Charge, which means she now has to be on a data plan. If we keep our individual plans, our combined monthly charge would be $190/month. This would have cost us about $400 more per year, based on increased fees and taxes. I plan to switch us to 6GB of data (which should be plenty, as my wife is in a wi-fi rich environment - our home!) and put us on the share everything plan. This will effectively keep our costs for the phone about the same price we are at now AND we will both get unlimited calling minutes, unlimited text and mobile hotspot. For us, it is a pretty good value! A $400 savings (even more, when you consider right now mobile hotspot is $30/month per phone!)...I'll take it! But depending on your needs, YMMV. My fingers are crossed that VZW will run another extra data promo when this plan launches. More data at the same price you pay now can't hurt!
  • I'd like to see the breakdown of people on their various voice minute share plans. You're sinking a lot of money into your unlimited voice right now that I imagine most people don't need these days. For the most part people are switching from limited voice and unlimited data to limited data and unlimited voice. I can see how this would work for you. Now I think most people don't need very many minutes at all so they could care less about the unlimited minutes and aren't paying that premium today. Their bill will go up for something they could care less about.
  • I'm with Spring and I'm paying $110.@ month, and their service good as VZW in my area.
  • Without telling people which plan and the plan rules, that doesn't mean much. I've had Sprint for years with unlimited smartphone data, unlimited texting, unlimited roaming, free long-distance calling, unlimited nav, 450 anytime minutes, free weekends, free after 7pm nights. $80/mo. And that is *WITH* all fees and taxes *AND* with full phone insurance coverage. I just recently added a second smart phone. Everything else above is the same- full insurance on both, unlimited data, etc; but with a shared 1500 minutes (which is essentially unlimited for most people). $157/mo.
  • For my wife and I we would pretty much break even. We currently pay $166 a month for 700min, unlimited messaging, 2 unlimited data plans, and one dumbphone. The dumbphone will be going away ether way; we are typically below 4GB data for the two of us, so we could in theory pay $150 + taxes on the new plan, and just pay for an extra GB or two of data months we need it. Where we live Verizon is really the only carrier with acceptable coverage. I looked at TMobile's coverage map yesterday, even it isn't optimistic enough to claim coverage in places we are somewhat often. Our contracts aren't up until next March anyway, so we'll see if these stay the same or change further and then decide whether to renew and switch to a new plan or buy some used phones off CL.
  • I'm on the unlimited data plan and I just realized I use almost 1GB every month lol I guess I love using WIFI at home =)
  • Depends on what's going on at the other carriers in a year and a half. Just got a Galaxy Nexus back in December.
  • I'm actually seriously considering paying the ETF to get out from under VZW now and into another contract that offers unlimited data while it lasts. Best case scenario: I get into a contract that offers unlimited data or I'm grandfathered into unlimited data with another carrier. Worst case scenario: I'm forced into a tiered data system which CAN'T be as bad as the one VZW has. Either way, I'm better off...
  • did that last year.
    I was grandpa'd with unlimited, but i knew that wasnt gonna last plus i wanted to jumpship to the EVO line anyway
  • My contract ends February 2013. I'll see what VZW has going on at that time.
  • I voted no only because I am grandfathered into unlimited data.
  • Same here... I'll just wait a couple months and buy our phones off-contract and never sign a new plan. The beauty of Android is there's always that "next best thing", so the prices never stay at $500 for long. You can find a nice GNex for less than the $300 Verizon was charging at launch.
  • Or you can go for less desired but still decent phones for even less. Paid $200 for a LG Spectrum, which has comparable specs to the Nexus. Should be getting ICS soon, with a beta build leaking out recently. I'm hoping we'll see Verizon Nexus devices listed on Google's page, selling for $400 or so in the future. Would make a nice option, and if Verizon is expecting to have alot of tablets on their network, they'll have to open up to outside retailers at some point.
  • Recently switched to Sprint. It was a little scary given I'd been with big red for nearly 2 decades. I almost felt guilty, like i was cheating. But honestly I couldn't be happier. They work great, I have unlimited everything (1,500 anytime min) and on top of that I'm saving nearly $60 a month. Now I wish I had done it sooner. It's just too bad it took so many ani customer changes from verizon to push me out. I feel free (even though with new 24 month agreements I'm technically not ;-) Now I'm just holding my breathe that Sprint will stay strong and not start doing the same crap. I think they will since it seems to be they're niche. I think they'll stay the under dog, and that's okay. As long as it gives them the necessery incentive to do right by their customers and honor the same commitments that brought the customers to them. It's worth noting that I've heard that Sprint Customer Service is lacking, but I never have to use customer service. Although, supposedly it's gotten a touch better recently. Anyway, the point is dont be afraid to take the jump. Plus, even though Sprint is trailing big in the 4G LTE battle, they should make some serious head way in the next 12 months and will do nothing but continue to improve from there. Or hell, there's still 2 other choices from where I sit (don't want to sound like a Sprint fan boy cause I'm not :)
  • The cost is outrageous. But, sticking with them, since I can remain on the individual plan with mobile hotspot and more data for much cheaper. Took advantage of the double data offer when I got my G-Nex.
  • The new plan will cost me more and I will get less. As soon as they take my unlimited plan, all the carrier's will be on level ground and the best plan will win.
  • You would give away your unlimited - just don't sign a new contract.
  • Not leaving, as VZW has the best coverage in my area, but just ordered a Droid 4 for full price.
  • You can Upgrade by June 28th and keep your Unlimited Data.
  • Of course conveniently right before the GS3 launches. I am so mad about that...
  • Preorder. If you preorder prior to the 28th, you can keep your unlimited. Just do what I did, download a call recording app, call until you get a rep who (correctly according to Verizon's own policies) tell you that you can keep your unlimited, process your preorder, and then accept their terms and conditions at the end of the call. As long as the terms are accepted prior to the 28th, then you should be fine, and retain your unlimited, since it's the acceptance of the terms that is the important date, not the date of receiving/activating the phone.
  • I am due for an upgrade on the 30th, but VZW has nothing that really interests me at the moment. With this new data plan setup, I might just wait till Oct and jump to Sprint or T-mobile.
  • Not right now since I'm still in contract but once my contract expires ill probably look elsewhere, at least with GSM carriers I can get whatever phone I want
  • that and better building penetration.
  • I used both AT&T and Verizon for a long time, Verizon is personal, AT&T is the work cell and Verizon's in building penetration has always beat AT&T everywhere I've been, and t-mobile the only other gsm carrier's in building penetration is a joke. For building penetration Verizon is the best choice for me.
  • It's nice to see people so open minded to other carriers! True consumerism!!! It sure will be interesting to see what the wireless landscape is like in 24mo's!!! With quad-core/2gb of RAM devices,
    and LTE-A on the horizon in the next
    8-10mo's, things are going to be very,
    very interesting! ! !
  • I think after November 2013 when my contract expires I'll look into prepaid GSM. If I'm going to drop Verizon's superior network here, my one requirement is going to be getting the phone I want (& I'll gladly pay full price) that I can migrate to another carrier at will.
  • i just paid the Etf for verizon this week. I bought the nexus from google play and switched to straight talk. I didnt leave because of the data i just felt verizon was ripping me off anyways. It was costing $126 a month to get the minutes i needed. so far i couldnt be happier and at&t's 4g is fast enough every where i work
  • So with Straight Talk you are allowed access to AT&T's 4G network? I'm considering buying an unlocked One X and getting a Straight Talk SIM card for it. I would not be surprised if Verizon starts throttling their unlimited data customers who 'refuse' to make the switch.
  • This is just my theory, but I think they have to get the network neutrality provisions on the 700Mhz C block removed in order to do that, that's why they throttle only 3G not 4G and it's why they are resorting to not allowing customers to keep unlimited data contracts with an subsidized phone, AT&T's method of keeping unlimited and throttling is much easier from a customer relations standpoint. Verizon didn't want to do it, but they can't throttle 4G.
  • I'm confused how it is going to cost more money for everyone. I have 2 smart phones sharing a 700 min plan. After my company discount of 20% on the primary line / plan right now I pay 153 bucks a month. If i switch 2x smart phones at 40 a piece is 80 bucks, 4GB of data is 70 bucks, thus 150 bucks before discount. Am i missing something?! I fancy myself to be pretty smart guy and can't seem to come up with a way that will make this more expensive. So what I lost unlimited data. I work at a place with several bonded DS3 connections and has WiFi (lets just say i am not strapped for bandwidth) I have wifi at home and pretty much anywhere I go to shop has free public wifi as well. I used all of 500MB last month of cell data and my wife used even less at 300MB. As far as coverage in the Scranton area you pretty much have to have Verizon. I have a T-mo blackberry and friend with Sprint, and lets just say the coverage outside of the city is non existent... yay living in a valley.
  • It's because a lot of people, maybe even the majority (I don't know for sure), have just 1 device. So for people like that, their cost is going up to get more of something they don't want (voice) and less of something they do (data). And not everyone gets employee/company discounts. I'll give you a comparison here: I pay $1,920 for 2 years under my current plan. If I switch to tiered (2 GBs), I pay the same if I don't upgrade, or around $200 more if I do for 2 years of service. If I switch to the share plan (2 GBs), I pay $480 more if I don't upgrade or $680 if I do for 2 years of service (assuming the new device is $200 on contract). So either I pay the same rate or lose money. I don't save a dime. And that's assuming I cut my average usage to 2 GB. I have been averaging 4 GB for a while. Do I have access to Wi-Fi? At home & work, yes, but out and about? Not really, unless I want to go to some business just to use my phone and even then not all of them offer it and most require you to purchase something to use it. I shouldn't be forced to use Wi-Fi just because. Unlimited means unlimited not keep your usage minimal and use Wi-Fi instead. If there was not going to be enough a bandwidth they would've never offered unlimited to begin with. It's all a ploy to rip us off and make more money off us. It's all about corporate greed.
  • This is a SHARE plan... not an SINGLE LINE plan. I keep seeing people with only one line of service talking about how much more this will be. If you do not have a second line to SHARE with it will not impact you.
  • For you it works but I used 10 gigs this billing cycle. That's not tethering either. Now if I lose my unlimited, and share with my daughter and wife who use about 2-3 gigs each it's gonna get crazy.
  • Then your one of the few this plan may actually be good for.
  • You might want to check with Verizon about the company discount. Everything I have read, confirmed by Verizon customer support (whatever that's worth), discounts will only be applied to the Data package and not to the per phone charge.
  • I was told that same thing. Discount will only apply to the data package.
  • On my way out too.
    Tmobile is great in NYC..And sprint ain't half bad either
  • Leave? They're not actually making me change anything on my account. I'm getting unlimited LTE data and 20% off (through work) for at least the next 2 years. When they actually make me choose something different, then I'll consider the other networks. Something tells me the plans from the other guys will look pretty similar at that point though. -Suntan
  • Bingo! Same here. These new plans are optional and will NOT affect me what-so-ever. Besides, Verizon has the best coverage/network where I live, so I'm not about to cut my nose to spite my face!
  • Verizon has made it so easy. All AT&T has to do is introduce is any kind of fair Tiered Data Plan and I'll seriously consider leaving.These new VZW Plans are an abomination. I've never used more than 5GB of data ever and Verizon acts as if every person on the Unlimited Data Plan was running up 50 GBs a month.Verizon, stop playing the martyr to justify your greed.
  • Already left Verizon 1 year ago because of bad corporate attitude. Sprint has been treating me well.
  • I figured out that with two smartphones on the new plan compared to my current plan with 6GB of data, we would save $5 a month. 6GB would be enough. If we were careful, we could keep it under 4GB and save an additional $10 a month. I wouldn't want to give up unlimited data but we could live with that. The problem is, there are 2 smartphones on our plan and 2 basic phones. The basic phone cost is changing from $10 a month per line to $30!! That means that for 4GB a month my plan will increase $15 and for 6GB it will increase $25! Sure mobile hotspot would be nice and adding a tablet for $10 is nice, but I dont' want my bill to go up. We are going to upgrade out smartphones now (have 2 upgrades available) and then hold out as long as possible. It will still be cheaper to eventually switch than for us to pay full retail for future smart phones. Might work out if we just had one smartphone but it's not cost effective to pay for 2 every two years compared to upgrading to the new plan.
  • Well this one's easy... Keep unlimited data and pay un-subsidized full price for my next phone. I save much more in the long run.
  • I have 4 smart phones unlimited. I also have one regular phone that I pay $9.99 for with no data, under the new plan it would cost me $30
  • As part of a family share plan with 4 lines total, I pay $65/month and have never came close to using more than 2GB data. I don't have unlimited data but as long as they don't take us off of our current family plan, I have no reason to leave.
  • I stream a LOT, between Vulkano, PogoPlug, YouTube, HBOgo, andthe Xfinity app, I will try and keel NY unlimited for as long as possible. VZW definitely has the best network in my area, but I will not pay that much for that little data.
  • can't leave except to at&t where it is no better price wise. Sprint and t-mobile suck here in san antonio at least until sprint lte goes live. We'll see what happens when contracts are up next year.
  • I'm not leaving Verizon. I took advantage of the double data promotion because Verizon 3G and LTE are my best broadband option. At home I get 3G, but at work I get LTE. I take my laptop and iPad to work just so I can download stuff. I live only 1 mile out of town, but it might as well be a foreign nation. There is no cable or DSL available. I pay $110/ month just for data. The meter says "unlimited". I use between 18-20 GB/month. I knew Verizon shared data plans would be rip-offs for many people. Many are making fewer calls and sending fewer traditional text messages. They switched to using Google Voice, iMessager or BBM. This is further evidence that Verizon and AT&T are defacto monopolies.
  • I will leave if they take away unlimited. Did the math and my bill would go from $165 after taxes/fees, to right around $200. No way would I pay $35 more to go to 6GB. It would be tempting if my bill actually decreased since I use about 5-6 GB a month.
  • I have 2 Dincs both have unlimited data. 2000 minutes unlimited texts plus 2 feature phones with no data only paying 218 a month explain how I'm going to save money because according to Verizons Calc online for the amount of data I would need I'm looking at at least 220 - 240 per month for less data than I have now sorry but I'm not getting it can't justify it won't pay it when this contracts done I'm done.
  • I one of the ones where the new plan saves me money. So I'm not going anywhere. I certainly understand why people with unlimited data might want to leave.
  • I don't understand why folks are getting huffy about this....other than now actually limiting the data usage (putting a price on it).
    If you have more than one line on the plan, and the data is now being 'pooled,' heavy users can now take advantage of the non-heavy users on the plan. For me, it's perfect (mom/dad/wife are non-heavy users, I am a power user)....8GB for 4 lines, works perfect.
  • I'm going to get the sg iii now just so I can use my upgrade and keep my unlimited data. I wish there were a quad core phone available for me to use the upgrade on since I already have a dual core in the
    Rezound. I'll see which phone I like better and sell the other possibly. I'll also buy future phones either at full price or most likely off Ebay for cheaper prices to upgrade and keep my unlimited data so I never have to buy a subsidized phone ever again. I got my Rezound of Ebay for $230. Much better than paying full retail.
  • Of course i'm jumping ship to another carrier who will most likely follow suit on the shared data plans.. I'll just bounce around like a ping pong ball until there is noone else to run to and end back up on Verizon for the coverage.
  • A lot of people are glossing over the fact that you do not actually have to do that if you want to stay on an individual plan. And if you are on a family plan, this new one just might actually save you money. What pisses me off is that when VZW went to tiered data a year ago, they committed to allowing pre-existing customers one contract renewal at their current unlimited data plans, and they took that away. My contract is up for renewal in December, I'm eligible for an early renewal in August, after their stated "act now to keep your plan" deadline.
  • That was exactly what I logged in to say. Copy/paste from the Verizon Share Everything page below: "I have an unlimited data plan on my account. Do I need to change it? You're not required to move to Share Everything but if you do, unlimited data will not be retained on your line. As a Verizon Wireless customer you have choices when you upgrade at discounted pricing. You can choose from a standalone data package starting at $30 for 2GB or a Share Everything Plan. If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone."
  • That's not entirely true. It is conditional based. Starting on Thursday, 28 June, if you choose to stay with your unlimited plans, all hardware is now at retail pricing. So, your amortized monthly cost and service will rise dramatically. Secondly, those like me who require additions get hamstrung with either owning two pricing tiers (much more costly) or making a move to the new tier and choosing a plan that you have to manage. My personal monthly data useage ranges from 600 Mb to 4Gb. I don't do a lot of streaming. Add kids and then you spend time and effort to manage useage. "Hey, Kid... you got your wifi turned on.." Everywhere you go. Too much of a hassle.
  • Just a tip, their's an app called y-5 or other's like it that will automatically turn on the wifi for you when your in the right area.
  • Every conversation with friends who use other services wind up with their disconnection, due to poor contact with cell towers.I doubt I will ever switch. The extra money is worth it.
  • If other carriers, specifically Sprint, had better coverage, I'd dump Verizon. Of if the pre-paid route wasn't so iffy, I'd go with PagePlus. While I've read good things about PagePlus, it seems that they, along with all the other MVNOs out there, are one sneak trick (from Verizon, etc) away from being out of business. As it seems that our legislative bodies are well entrenched in the pockets of the mobile providers, I don't see the government getting involved if/when they decide to squeeze the MVNOs out there. BUT... As it stands right now, I work from home, so I *must* have a good, reliable mobile provider, so Verizon it is (for now). A comparable plan (450 minutes and I use < 2GB of data a month) under the new options would cost me an additional $20 a month, and that's going from unlimited data --> 2GB limit...uh, no thanks. I just ordered the GSIII to avoid all that. Maybe in 2 years I'll re-evaluate the other carriers/MVNO, but for right now, for me, Verizon is it. Oh, and just to make it clear: I think Verizon is a bunch of money grabbing scumbags.
  • >"If other carriers, specifically Sprint, had better coverage, I'd dump Verizon." For voice/texting, Sprint and Verizon have the same coverage, because they roam to each other's towers. So if that is your primary concern, it is not an issue. And this is nothing new- has been like this for many years. (Please note, there is NO roaming with things like Boost or Virgin that use the Sprint network, so this can big issue on those). Data coverage, however, is a different story. Sprint customers cannot roam with 3G/4G data to Verizon, only 1G, which is really, really slow.
  • that can't be the whole story. out here in wyoming, AT&T, VZW are pretty much the only carriers. when my Mother in law comes out to visit with her sprint phone, she doesn't get any coverage, despite our VZW having great coverage.
  • I just extended my contract to keep my unlimited data with the 32 gb Samsung Galaxy S3 for $149.99. I only pay $110 a month with unlimited everything. I love the service, it is great when I travel and now I will enjoy the 4G speeds with unlimited data. I don't quite like the new prices on the sharing plans, but when I add a line I still won't have to get pushed into them. Verizon's service beats all others in my home area for years now. JMHO.
  • My spreadsheet is pretty wide and my analysis is based on two things:
    1) My Verizon 3G data service has always been marginal and less than adequate for the contract pricing I have.
    2) I am making the step to add two smartphones for a total of four (darned kids!!). But first, for the geeks - I have mapped my Verizon 3G data service in various US locations including the greater NYC area, Chicago, San Diego, Miami-PBI corridor, and my home/work/commute/city environment. I have GIS mapped the data and results. Where I need and use my phone the most I have data service ranging from a low average of 128K download to a high average of under 500Kb. Bottom line is that I am not getting 3G from Verizon and I am approaching year 4 of smartphone use. I am ready to jump to 4G but there seems to be very little compelling reason fiscally. My analysis includes keeping my wife and my unlimited plan and adding my girls to a 2GB plan, staying with Verizon unlimited and moving my girls to a pay as you go plan (Virgin Mobile). Moving us all to Virgin. And finally... Sprint. In the end, my analysis - driven by the fact that inadequate 3G sort of works but not for the price and I don't want to manage useage and WiFi replacement and and and... Is Sprint has quality Android hardware with their new HTC One variant, my girls will get iPhones to replace their failing iPods and have a soft landing in the smartphone realm, and my entire bill will only rise by $33 for four smartphones over my current two smartphone unlimited plan... and I don't have to manage minutes, texts, or data. If the network supports it... then stream away my friends. Of course, I won't see 4G until either tomorrow or Dec 2013... but I have suffered this long without real 3G. Anything similar is adequate... better would be a bonus. And Cheaper rules the day!! And Sprint retail manager told me that my hardware purchases will be "an offer I can't refuse" to switch. I have to buy four new devices anyway.
  • Warning: Sprint voice/text coverage is identical to Verizon because they roam on each other's towers. But you better add to your analysis that Virgin and Boost do *NOT* allow roaming. This means you would be using the Sprint network ONLY.... Non-roam-Sprint-only coverage can be marginal when away from population areas and interstates.
  • Were I live only Verizon works here, had to drive 35 miles to get an ATT signal. The family here is on Verizon so will not be changing soon and still have 1.5 years on contract. So it is a moot point at this point in time.
  • My only device is the Gnex, which I currently have 10 gigs data month using the "get twice the data for half the price" promotion. I use my phone as a hotspot (pda net rules) for Asus Transformer, so i usually get close to my limit each month. Using the Verizon site to calculate what my new monthly bill would be, jumping back to Sprint might be a good idea. Especially since by the time my Verizon contract runs out, Sprint should be up and running with LTE.
  • i'm one of the lucky ones that this works for. my wife has uhlimited everything with her iphone 4 at $150 a month, and i have like 700 min with unlimited data for 70 a month. I get an employee discount, so my bill is $235. My wife actually uses her unlimited voice, racking up about 3500 minutes a month. with the new plan, getting 6G of data, my bill is 160, not including my discount. so i just saved $70. i do see, though, that it pretty much sucks if you're data heavy. but since they're trying to cap data usage, this is their solution, mainly to cut off the heavy users, who are most likely to be commenting on this post...with their wifi
  • I am going to wait for the inevitable class action lawsuit and join that.
  • Good luck with that. You probably have zero grounds to win such a case.
  • Are you a lawyer? Are you a judge? You apply your logic like you think logic matters in a court room.
  • I'm fairly sure a class action would be shot down. Simply because Verizon isn't REQUIRING you to switch.
  • Nope. Got the G Nexus now, just ordered the S III to lock in unlimited for another 2 years. Those 2 phones should be good enough for another 6 months to a year. And when another phone comes along that I really want, I'll buy it unsubsidized. Not ideal, obviously, but I like getting a new phone every year at the most so it won't be the first time. As long as I can keep unlimited, I'll stay with Verizon. And honestly, by the time they force me off it, there probably won't be any carriers left offering unlimited anyway.
  • I'm staying for now after preordering the S3. But Verizon has made it possible for me in 2 years to check out every other carrier and pick which one has the best combo of phones and price. I never would have left before, but now they are in competition with whoever wants my hard earned cash. In 2 years AT&T will have their LTE network fully up and running and I'm sure they will be neck and neck with Verizon in service quality after all the problems they had with 3G. Also Sprints LTE will be up so I can see how their coverage is in my area. Who knows maybe even T-mobile can lure me in. I wont have to be upset about Verizon not getting the phone I wanted anymore.
  • I'm able to keep unlimited data on my line by preordering the GS3, so verizon stays...for now
  • I am in the same boat. My contract is up in a month, however I have been eligible to upgrade for a few months already. My original plan was to wait until my contract expires and then shop around for phone and network.
  • We have 5 smartphones with 4 of them having unlimited data. It is highly unlikely we will want to give up our unlimited packages to go to their new Family Plan. First off, it would cost us significantly more than we pay right now. On the 700 minute family plan with unlimited texting - after 20% discount - my bill with taxes is about $235/mth. With the 5 smartphones @$40 each and 4gb of data (how we could keep it that low is beyond me) would cost $270 before all the taxes are added in. I bet our bill would be $300/mth. Definitely not saving us any money. The last phone doesn't go off contract until 2/2014 but until then we won't be buying any subsidized phones. Once we are officially off contract I will evaluate our options.
  • First - I'm not upgrading any time soon (was planning to on the coming months) Second yeah ill try to find a better place to switch to depending on the landscape at the time.
  • I've been with them for 10 years. I have unlimited data. I got unlimited data so I could lock in to unlimited data. That was a joke because they are now telling me to keep unlimited I will have to pay full price for a new phone. This is so wrong.... What choice do I have.. I'm not paying 700 for a new phone. We have no one looking out for us. We have to band together and sign petitions..... If that doesn't work switch carriers. They are making a fortune already but this is greed and screw the little guy.
  • The results of this poll are skewed big time. I'm sure all these people that say they are leaving in 2 years or 18 months when their contract is up voted yes, but I don't see that as a true vote. I would have thought "yes" meant a person left right away. I see where everyone is coming from and it pisses me off to, but mine was a no vote for two reasons: 1- I just signed a new contract and and now waiting for my S III and 2- two years from no who knows what the cell market looks like. I think Sprint will fall into the same problems when they get their LTE up and do any with unlimited data. In two years when my contract is up, I will look around at leaving VZW depending on what the deals and specs are with every carrier.
  • I left VZW for ATT 10 years ago over the hideous coverage in San Diego. Ten years before that I had left ATT for VZW over their hideous coverage in San Diego. If there are competing plans, who would choose a thing like pricing over coverage? What good is saving money on something you can't use? I think VZW knows they have a captive clientele in many areas. Also, they have always had a really snotty attitude about features and pricing. I understand what they are doing. I'm happy they are not doing it to me.
  • Staying with Verizon and paying full price for my phones so I can keep unlimited data. If and when that's taken from me, Verizon isn't worth their ridiculously high prices.
  • Sounds like a lot of talk for nothing. My prediction is that a lot of people will complain, but a hardly significant number might switch. Verizon is just the first, and I'm sure AT&T and Sprint will be soon to follow. Obviously, Verizon is offering unlimited voice and text because people don't use it. But the main way they are going to make money is through data now that everyone has shifted toward data. So in reality the tiered plan makes sense. As for the prices, I feel they make sense too. Unlimited data for $30 seemed like a steal to me, but I wasn't complaining. If you think about it, why should anyone offer unlimited data for such a comparably low price? If that's what everyone is after, then business-wise it should come at a premium. And for me, the shared data actually works.
  • My work pays for my phone / tab / hotspot's data and service. I currently have unlimited data with my Bionic, 1 GB with my Xoom, and 5 GB with my hotspot. They currently have the best coverage for LTE in So Cal but it is at a high cost, but my work pays for it. So even if I have to change plans, I'm not going to change carriers. I have my wife and kids Android phones on Sprint, cost less, but they always want to use my hotspot when we are on the road because of how slow Sprint's network is. But on avg, only pay about $45 / per phone after taxes and fees for unlimited data. You get what you pay for.
  • When my contract is up in September, I will be buying an unlocked phone and then go with a prepaid plan, maybe "Straight Talk". I no longer want to be at the mercy of a carrier.
  • I may leave depending on what the situatoin is like come March 2013. I just may use my tax refund to get a phone at full price. I'm a single user with unlimited data. I don't need unlimited voice as I don't even use the full 8 hours of talk I pay for now but I go through lots and lots of data when I'm not at home or anywhere with WiFi.
  • I called and got my ETF waived. Headed to ATT for the Galaxy S3. Since I'm in a known low service area they waived it.
  • Let me make sure I understand this correctly, so anyone who's in a situation where they have to renew their 2yr contract will automatically get switched over to the new shared data plan? They will no longer "grandfather" accounts?
  • The share everything plans are optional. You can still use the existing individual plans. The only thing that has changed regards the grandfathered unlimited data plans. To keep unlimited data, your next phone will have to be purchased at full price.
  • No, that is incorrect. No one is being forced onto the new family plans.
  • No, that is incorrect. No one is being forced onto the new family plans.
  • My little prediction is they will let this new insanely implemented Share Everything Plan pan out for a few months and then BAM! They're gonna promote that "Double the Data Deal" to get people to jump on their upcoming Motorola Droid RAZR HD.
  • I know for me this is good. I sell phones for work and I'll have families who want a good phone for their kids but when they see a jump of 30$ they get fearful and I lose a sale but with these share data plans it means sales like that will be a cinch.
  • I truly, truly don't understand why everyone's panties are in a wad over this. You don't want the new plan, don't switch to it. Verizon is not and has never been REQUIRED to give you a subsidy on a phone. If you accept a subsidy on equipment then they have a right to recoup their money on the subsidy they give/gave you. Buck up and pay for the phone if you want to keep your precious unlimited data - issue resolved.
  • I got Verizon back in late February, so not leaving anytime soon. Honesty, I've never had better service, and I can still keep my individual plan. I have 2 lines each with 4gb a month through the double the data promotion. After my 2 years are up, I might contemplate going GSM and buying direct from Google.I like the fact that through Google's website they will have good, worthwhile accessories (POGO desktop and car dock for Galaxy Nexus).
  • I don't plan on jumping ship. I was sitting on an upgrade and I just used it to pre-order the Galaxy S III. With my bill comes up to $76 month for 300 minutes, 500 texts, and "unlimited" data. Based on what I actually use, a share everything plan would put me over $100 at least. I'll just by a phone outright in the future until Verizon finally boots me off. With the amount I save every month, it is still the cheaper route.
  • I just extended for 2 years before the deadline, but if I couldn't have done that, I would be gone.
  • My dad and I could get up to the 8gb plan without spending more money, unfortunatley, I can easily use 8gb in a month (though that's more than typical, I've also gone well into the double digits before) and that's totally ignoring my dad's usage. we would gain unlimited voice, but that's a moot point since we never go over our minutes anyways.
    To answer the question: I would LOVE to switch to sprint, but that is unfortunatley not an option, since they are not available where my dad lives. The only other carrier available to both of us is AT&T and that would be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I am stuck with big red, unless sprint expands their converage in ND before our contracts are up, which is this december.
  • hello everyone. i've been reading that alot of you dont wanna go to the tier plans and dont wanna pay anymore or lose some of your options. i have Sprint at the moment, i've been with them since 04. i have never had trouble with them till now, that they decided to try to pull this whole 4G shit. now, i cant find a way of getting out of my contract. yes, the money is awesome because its not expensive at all and its unlimited. but what good is unlimited when you cant use the service. it doesnt matter where im at, either my internet is stupidly slow that i cannot even open facebook or just the browser or i have no service at all when i try to make phonecalls or sending messages. everytime i call sprint they always feed me the same line. "were sorry, but one of the towers in the area is down" this happens twice a month. im so tired of this. i cant wait for my sprint contract to be over, so i can switch to verizon. i know verizon is very expensive, but at least you get what you pay for. you have service everywhere and anywhere. sprint, might seem like they have service but they dont. it sucks because they promise you all this stuff and never happens. yeah, first company to come up with 4G and it never happened. verizon came up with THE WORKING 4G. im just giving you guys a view of what its like to be with sprint now. 4 years ago it would of being good, but now it sucks. i cant wait to switch to verizon. i guess ill have to pay way more, but at least ill have service when i need it.
  • Ok, I have a HTC Thunderbolt that I have replaced 5 times...if I buy a phone at full retail to keep the unlimited plan, and have all the same problems as my HTC has, who services these lousy phones, and how do I get a replacement phone in my hands in 24 hours once the "smartphone" goes haywire (again)....
  • You'd have the same warranty you would if you went the subsidized route.
  • My bad, forgot to state, what if it's not purchased at Verizon?
  • Assuming it's new, a warranty is a warranty....only difference is you'll have to go through the manufacturer, which would require shipping it. However, that may not be the case if you're purchasing from a big box retail store (i.e. Best Buy), in which case you'd have to ask them....either way, though, I think you'd still qualify for extended warranty/insurance....THINK.
  • Appreciate your comments!
  • I just updated my girlfriends phone and mine with Verizon and they said since I still have unlimited data from when I first signed up and since I am signing up before June 28th, I will keep the unlimited plan.
  • You forgot the not yet/undecided option, I still have unlimited data and almost a year to go on my contract, AT&T will undoubtedly follow suit and I don't know what competitors plans will look like in a year so I haven't decided. I do know that based on my usage and they new prices if I do stay will verizon, it will likely be because I've bought an unsubsidized device and stuck with unlimited data, because that would be a lot cheaper than their new data plans.
    Who says that a person who uses more than 2 gigs of data a month is a "data hog"? Where did this come from?? Why are some of us as consumers so accepting of this arbitrary number/notion?? The big 2 (& T-mobile) have done an excellent job conitioning us to think that Joe public is a bad man because he uses 6 gigs of UNLIMITED data. Why? These companies have marketed & sold us a service where almost evertything we do with their product requires data. But don't worry - data is unlimited. Apps running in the background, pulling data at will, virtually out of our control. No need to worry - unlimited! No room for your music that you just downloaded using data? No problem - store it in the cloud! Then use your data again (& again) to listen to it. You have unlimited data right? Want to back up those precious pictures? "To the cloud!" Want to view em? Data. Want to keep with your friends thorugh social media? More data. Get the point? Data is like crack! Then they pull the rug out from under us... One. Step. At. A. Time. Stop & think No more unlimited data plans for new customers. Most of us breathe a sigh of relief. "I'm grandfathered WHOHOO!" Now Verizon is tightening the noose/ taking away a little more crack, with their latest plan which may or may not cost you more money. Stop & think. Would Verizon make a plan that takes less money out of your pocket? They know that most of us are going to choose the smallest data plan that we "think" we need. And then wait for the overages to pile up, making more $$. "Free Wifi teahering included". That's mighty white of Verizon. They know that browsing on your laptop consumes ALOT more data than on your mobile. As an example, just look at the diference between Android Central's mobile page & the same page on you laptop/home PC. The difference is startling. Verizon bean counters are wringing their hands in anticipation of you using "free" included teathering! "I'll keep my grandfathered unlimited data by buying my next phone unsubsidized". Stop & think. You are now without contract, month to month. How long do you think Pig Red is going to let you stay month to month unlimited before they say "Uh uh. We need you to choose one of our (GREAT!) new plans" or "based on your usage, here's the plan "we think" best suits you"... Without a contract, they can tell you to pony up or beat sand. SO I hope you just spent $600 plus on an unsubsidized phone that you can take to a different carrier. "I don't use/need big data/I use free Wifi at home/work".
    Stop & think. I guarantee you - EVERY SINGLE ISP IS WAITING TO SEE WHAT TRANSPIRES WHEN VILE-RIZON IMPLEMENTS THIS! Do you think that every other ISP, be it mobile or landline, will continue to offer unlimited data if Verizon can charge per data usage??? Do you think your work will continue to let you use their newly tiered data for your personal device? Where are you going to get your free crack when your home ISP charges per usage/exceeding data caps? It's already happening - look at Con-cast. EVEERY SINGLE ONE OF US, whether you are a Verizon customer or not, should be absolutly furious about these changes being foisted upon us. I dosen't matter if you don't have to "choose" this plan RIGHT NOW! Because, one way or another, this corporate greed is eventually going to affect us all. Every single one of us, Verizon or not, should make as much noise/ protest these changes as possible. And if that doesn't work, Yell in protest with your wallets & choose another carrier that will suit your needs without bending you over. Care to comment?
  • I don't understand why people want to pay so much for cellphone service. I have 5 lines with T-Mobile, all have unlimited texting, two have unlimited minutes and 2gb high speed data before throttling, two have 500 minutes each , and the last one is a Voip home phone. $115 a month. I am also using an iphone on one line. For me, it is easier to pick up a slightly less than state of the art smartphone, and get the savings. My kid can also use my old android phone with blocked data (wifi only) which works well for them. They also gave me a cell phone booster for my home for free which gives me full signal strength. Just my two cents...
  • Removed dup.
  • Not a Verizon customer but AT&T is following their tracks soon, so this is important for me to watch. I would switch away from Verizon if I had them. The plan is simply - a rip off - people who say 'we should expect it' must be getting rammed in the back side regularly if they think we should expect a SERVICE company to give us exactly what we DONT need. For my family, if we were to switch to verizon from our current plan (Right now we have 5 lines, 2 smartphones w/ the cheapest data, 1400 min, unlimited texts, unlimited mobile-mobile calls to any network), we would go from paying $190 a month INCLUDING taxes, to $220 + taxes for roughly $250 a month! Thats a $60 increase, and thats considering we have 5 people, which should be the most efficient. Even if we were to have 5 smartphones, each with the cheapest smartphone plan (300MB/$20 each), our bill would be $250 including taxes, and with Verizon this would be ~$290 including taxes. That is theoretically the most efficient, too. Its pretty disgusting. These plans are supposed to save family users money.
  • Existing customers don't have to switch out of their current plans. Ever. So I guess I don't understand the point of this poll...
  • Just did the math, the people who voted that they would switch because of the new plans account for just 0.004% of Verizon's subscriber base. Yeah, THAT will show them!
  • Two smartphones on the new shared 10GB plan would be roughly 180 + tax (- 10% employee discount) and we are already paying $160. My upgrade was due in July (from a Droid X) and my wife's upgrade was due this November (from a Thunderbolt). We like Verizon, but we don't like the idea of shared data, at this cost anyway. We went to an authorized retailer (not a corporate store) and bought TWO Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones on two year contracts at 199$ ea.
    We had a third and fourth line added to our accounts to accommodate the phones and then had them switch the old phones and numbers to the new phones. Two more years of unlimited data at roughly the same cost as the new tiered plans.
    Sure, we're playing $20 a month for two extra, unused phone lines....but it actually comes out to roughly the same price. We will see what the market is like in two years. I am hoping Verizon will either change its mind (not likely) or the price will go down and the data limit will go up. We currently use roughly 4GB ea. a month. I am not returning to the 1990s way of constantly looking at the bill to make sure i'm not going over....... That's what I did. I recommend it to anyone who wants to keep unlimited data for at least two more years, and then make a decision regarding the state of the market.