Last minute AirPods Pro Cyber Monday deal: This may be your last chance to save on these this year

Airpods Pro Review
Airpods Pro Review

Woot's deal featuring the AirPods Pro earbuds on sale for $189.99 might just be the last chance to get them at a discount. We've seen a few deals on the AirPods Pro since last month's Prime Day and on into Black Friday, but many of those deals are drying up. Right now Woot has the best price even though some retailers like Best Buy and B&H have them for around $200. Remember these earbuds normally cost $250, and deals on Apple products are about as rare as a unicorn.

Woot does charge a mandatory shipping fee on pretty much everything. The only way around it is by using your Amazon Prime membership, so hopefully you have one.

Airpods Pro

AirPods Pro | $60 off

We've seen quite a few decent deals on the AirPods Pro over the last week, but this is one of the best as far as a simple, direct discount that's just trying to save you money.

The AirPods Pro might lack a bit of customization on Android devices compared to what they can do on Apple devices, but we still consider them one of the best wireless earbuds you can get, no matter what platform you're on. They have great battery life, a long-lasting charging case, water resistance, and plenty of other features. They are also one of the best if you want strong active noise-cancelling.

Read more about these wireless earbuds through the iMore review, which gives them a near perfect review at 4.5 stars out of 5. Lory Gil called the Pro "Apple's greatest audio invention" and added "They fit well and are more comfortable than any in-ear or on-ear or over-ear headphones I've ever used. They have supurb ANC, better than anything I've experienced with in-ear ANC earphones."

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