Power Delivery has made the charger game so much easier in the last two years: if you buy a really good model, you can charge everything you own with one single charger, from Chromebooks to MacBooks to phones and everything in between. What's especially great about charging Chromebooks is that since the top speed they charge at is 45W, you can actually find chargers that charge two Chromebooks at once without burning through your wallet (or burning down your house).

Meet the RAVPower GaN PD 90W Wall Charger, the two-port USB-C Power Delivery Charger I use to keep my little stable of Chromebooks and Android phones charged. It's quite small, it's quite cool, and it's down to its best price ever with today's Black Friday charger deal.

Two laptops, one charger

RAVPower GaN PD 90W Wall Charger | $17 off at Amazon with coupon

This charger is smaller than many 45W chargers, but it'll charge two Chromebooks at that speed without overheating. That makes this charger great for a home office or makeshift charging station for your kids' Chromebooks.

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RAVPower 2 Port 90W ChargerSource: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

RAVPower's charger is a 2.5-inch square and 1.2 inches wide, which makes it smaller than a soap bar and very easy to pack into a backpack or gear bag for trips. This is the charger plugged into my standing desk right now, with one port powering my Chromebook via pass-through on my uni USB-C hub and the other port charging my travel Chromebooks, phones, or headphones depending on what needs topping off the most. When I go home to visit my family for Christmas (I'm driving and I'm spending three weeks minimum, trying to isolate before and after), this is the charger I'll bring with me to keep my laptops topped off.

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If you now need to charge not just your laptops but ensure all of your kids keep their school-issued Chromebooks charged and ready for class, this is the perfect charger for a family charging station. And you can pick up two 6.6-foot cables for $6.29 to complete your charging set in one fell swoop.

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