The Google Pixel 5 is a wonderful phone with amazing cameras, but it continued an irksome trend from the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4: it's very picky about wireless chargers. The Pixel 3 basically only fast-charged on the Pixel Stand. The Pixel 4 was slightly better but it was still hard to find a reliable wireless charger for. The Pixel 5 supports 15W wireless charging using the Extended Power Profile (EPP) standard within the Qi charging spec, but because Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus all use proprietary wireless charging profiles, EPP actually isn't that widely used.

Thankfully, one of the best Pixel 5 wireless chargers is seeing a Prime Day deal, even if it doesn't look like it on the listing page. The iOttie iON Wireless Duo is 30% off at checkout, bringing it back down to its lowest price ever. Just be aware, Pixel owners: only the Dark Grey is Pixel 5 compatible, the Light Grey and Navy Blue are 10W chargers more optimized for Apple and Samsung devices.

For you and your (Pixel) buds

iOttie Ion Wireless Duo 15w 5w Wireless Charger

iOttie iON Wireless Duo | 30% off during checkout at Amazon

The fabric-covered stand is a 15W wireless charger that supports Extended Power Profile, so it's one of the few that will charge the Pixel 5 at 15W. Next to it, we have a 5W wireless charging pad that's perfectly shaped for your Pixel Buds.

If you have a pair of Pixel Buds, or bought another Prime Day earbuds deal today, the secondary pad on here is good for any set of wirelessly charging earbuds. It can even wirelessly charge some Galaxy watches if you get them lined up properly. You could also charge a second phone on that pad, but it'll only charge at 5W.

This charger uses an AC adapter rather than being powered by a USB-C or micro-USB cable, which means that we can sidestep all the Qualcomm QuickCharge/Power Delivery confusion that surrounds most wireless chargers. On the flip side, that does mean if anything happens to the cord or the wall plug, you're out of luck to replace it.

Anker 10w Max Powerwave Stand

Anker 10W Max PowerWave Stand wireless charger | $4 off at Amazon

This charger's only 20% off, and it'll only charge the Pixel 5 at 5W, but if you have a Samsung phone, this is a pretty good deal. Just keep in mind that this charger doesn't come with a wall plug, so you'll need a Qualcomm QuickCharge wall charger to plug it into.

$17.59 at Amazon
YooTech 10w Charging Pad Render

Yootech 10W Wireless Charger | 33% off at Amazon

This is another wireless charger that would only charge the Pixel 5 at 5W and would charge Galaxy phones at 10W, but at this price, that's actually OK. The LED ring around the edge makes it a little bright for nightstands, but for your desk at work, it's nice.

$8.03 at Amazon

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